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Python vs Django: Which Framework To Use?

Joana Almeida
Software Developer - - - 3 min. to read

Choosing a programming language for your product is a big challenge. You’re often indecisive due to the high number of programming languages in the market today. 

Fortunately, after noting your needs, you narrow down to a few that will help you meet your goals. 

This python vs Django review helps you know the framework to use. If you are looking to create a website Python is what you need. For a web app, Django is the framework to go for. 

What is Django? 

Django is an ultra-performing web framework made in the Python programming language. Django promotes fast and clean development and pragmatic design. 

A preference for advanced software developers, Django makes web development an easy task. The platform is also free and open-source, offering developers ready-made components to use and reduce overheads when creating a new site. 

What is Python? 

Python is a popular computer programming language to create software, conduct analysis, build websites, and automate tasks. It’s multipurpose and is used for making numerous programs. 

Python is both beginner-friendly and versatile and one of the most-used programming languages today. 

Differences Between Django and Python 

Python is a programming language and hosts an enormous library support system that eases the implementation of various programs and algorithms. 

Python has a set of language and object-oriented approach that helps programmers create clear and logical code. 

Django is a web development python framework that makes it easy to build powerful web applications. The platform comes with useful built-in features found at the Django Admin Interface. 

Python is used for other applications, including; machine learning, artificial intelligence, and desktop apps. Django is a Python framework dedicated to full-stack server development and web application development. 

Python comes in handy when building a site from scratch where the developer is looking to solve by themselves. Django helps developers create applications using prewritten bits of code. 

What Is The Difference Between Python and Django? 

Core Python is one of the Python programming branches. It’s used for building sectors such as Artificial Intelligence and desktop applications. 

Core Python language has basic commands and data structures such as tuple, list, and dictionary implementation to conduct specific tasks. 

Other than being used for developing web applications, Django comes in handy when performing data modeling. Django is designed to understand a Python implementation to create a web application. 

In essence, Django is the solution to problems faced by Python programming. Core Python forms the building blocks used in programming.

Django and Python Comparison 

Django and Python comparison


Is a High-level platform released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum as an Interpreted language. The multi-paradigm programming language works on the Object Orientated Programming (OPP’s) concept. 

Python’s syntax helps distinguish Python from its peers. The easy-to-use syntax makes this program easy to learn and grasp. 

Python is a popular programming language used in web development, Artificial Intelligence, and anything between. 

Python Features:

  • Dynamic Language
  • Reflective
  • Interpreted
  • High level
  • Multi-paradigm
  • Functional imperative
  • Object-Oriented Programming


This is a popular Python framework. The framework functions as a server-side application designed to full-support dynamic web applications development. 

This Python web framework was named after guitarist Django Reinhardt and functions as an open-source framework. Any user can download Django, upload it on their system and use it freely. Django works on the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) Principle. 

The principle dictates that the code remains simple and shouldn’t be repetitive. Django fully supports the Model View Controller (MVC) and the Model View Template (MVT) Architectural Pattern. 

Django Features:

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Many components
  • Versatile 

Django and Python: Advantages and Disadvantages

Django Advantages

  • Written on Python, easy to learn
  • Supports multiple languages. Users translate text into various languages
  • Supports Object-Relational Mapper. Users define their Data Models
  • Built-in Admin. Has added user and created group functions
  • Full-featured and authentication system that handles User Account, Password, and Cookies
  • Used worldwide

Django Disadvantages

  • Lacks the capacity to manage multi requests
  • The routing pattern specifies its URL
  • Its monolithic; requires users to write into a given design as opposed to a free programming structure 

Python Advantages

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Open-source, users download freely
  • Supports Object-Orientation and procedure-oriented programming
  • It offers a large community
  • No need to declare the type of variable while writing code
  • Has own frameworks
  • Expandable to other languages such as C and C++
  • It comes pre-installed in Mac OS 
  • Supports a large number of standard libraries
  • Code written on one platform can run into others without alterations

Python Disadvantages

  • Python isn’t used often in Smartphone Apps
  • Python’s Databases are still under-developed
  • Python is slow when compared to other High-level languages such as Java and C++
  • It has a Dynamic language that leads to mistakes when users interchange data types

Python Real-time Application

  • Prevalent in Scientific and numeric computing communities
  • Used for designing GUI-based Desktop Applications
  • Offers numerous web development frameworks, including Pyramid, Django, and others
  • Used for scripting Operation Systems


In this Python vs Django review, you understand that based on coding, they’re incomparable. 

Django isn’t an essential framework for every Python developer; however, users using Python for web application development should familiarize themselves with Django or learn other Python frameworks. 

Python is a popular High-level language loved for its versatility. Python is popular amongst different communities such as Data Analysis, Scientific Research, Software Development, Dynamic Web Application, Artificial Intelligence, and many others. 

Django is one of the many Python web frameworks that help users create dynamic web applications. Although different, learning both Python and Django comes in handy for programmers looking to diversify. 

Both Python and Django Frameworks services are offered at DistantJob. Kindly use this link to learn more about the same.

Joana Almeida

Joana Almeida, with her diverse experience as a programmer and game developer, stands out for her technical writing prowess on DistantJob, a remote IT staffing agency. Her background in software development and video game programming, enhanced by her roles in consulting and freelancing, has sharpened her expertise in areas like game design,tech stacks, UI development, and software development.

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