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By Gabriela Molina June 17, 2022

How to Make Virtual Training More Engaging, with Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

Barbara Covarrubias Venegas it the Founder and Managing Director at Virtual Space Hero and the co-founder of the Academy for Diversity and Innovation.

Jim Kalbach
By Gabriela Molina June 10, 2022

Unlocking Your Remote Team´s Creativity Through Collaboration, with Jim Kalbach

Jim Kalbach is a Chief Evangelist at MURAL, the co-founder of The Jobs To Be Done Toolkit, and then author, speaker, and instructor on design, customer experience, collaboration, and strategy.

Jennifer Smith
By Gabriela Molina June 3, 2022

How to Create a Strong Hybrid Culture, with Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is the CEO and co-founder of Scribe, a software solution for documenting and teaching company processes. She is a Harvard Business School and Princeton Alumni and has previously worked for companies such as...

Matt Alder
By Gabriela Molina May 27, 2022

Why Companies Should Embrace Remote Recruitment, With Matt Alder

Matt Alder is the co-author of two books, Digital Talent and Exceptional Talent. He has more than 15 years of working remotely, and as a Talent Acquisition and Innovation Consultant, he has helped companies to...

Remote leader
By Gabriela Molina May 20, 2022

How to Balance Communication in a Remote Workplace, with Jill Duffy

Jill Duffy is a writer and editor specializing in areas of technology such as productivity, collaboration, digital organization, health and fitness tech. She is the author of The Everything Guide to Remote Work, as well...

Remote work leader
By Gabriela Molina April 25, 2022

How Communication Keeps Evolving in Remote Teams, with Tyler Sellhorn

Tyler Sellhorn is the Head of Customer Experience at Yac. Yac is an asynchronous messaging platform that helps you eliminate meetings with voice messages. They’re about asynchronous meetings, voice messaging, and screen sharing for teams.

remote work leader
By Gabriela Molina April 19, 2022

The Importance of Adopting a New Leadership Style for Remote Work, with Iwo Szapar

Iwo Szapar is a remote work advocate and the co-founder of Remote-how, the world’s leading platform for remote professionals, powered by and for the community of 25,000 plus people from 128 countries. He is also...

Richard Odufisan
By Gabriela Molina March 28, 2022

Building an Inclusive and Diverse Remote Work Environment, with Richard Odufisan

Richard Odufisan is the Chief of Staff Tech Strategy and Transformation at Deloitte UK. He specializes in working with the company leaders to build a culture that enables people to feel connected and motivated.

Remote leader
By Gabriela Molina March 21, 2022

Effective Strategies to Manage Your Time as a Remote Worker, with Toms Blodnieks

Toms Blodnieks is the COO and head of product and business development at Desk Time. He’s been working at the company for over 5 years, helping it grow and expand.

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