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Nancy Settle Murphy
By Gabriela Molina September 26, 2022

Making Virtual Meetings Efficient and Engaging, with Nancy Settle-Murphy

Nancy Settle-Murphy s the owner of Guided Insights, a training, facilitation, and consulting firm with a specialty in virtual and cross-cultural teams. And she’s the author of the book Leading Effective Virtual Teams, Overcoming Time...

Head of Remote Cactus Communications
By Gabriela Molina September 16, 2022

Designing Remote Work Policies to Make Your Company Culture Empathetic and Strong, with Jason Morwick

Jason Morwick is the head of Remote-First at Cactus Communications, a remote-first organization dedicated to accelerating scientific advancement by empowering key players in knowledge creation, communication, dissemination, and promotion. Jason is a remote work advocate...

Amanda Ono
By Gabriela Molina September 9, 2022

How to Grow a Deep Culture In Your Remote Work Company, with Amanda Ono

Amanda Ono is the VP of customer experience and people and culture at Resolver, a Kroll business and worldwide leader in defining risk intelligence. She has spent her career learning to maximize the company’s most...

Dr. Steve Day
By Gabriela Molina September 2, 2022

Managing Culturally Diverse Remote Teams Successfully, with Dr. Steve Day

Dr. Steve Day is the co-founder of Systems and Outsourcing Limited and the creator of the systems for outsourcing implementation program. He’s a retired medical doctor who helps small-to-medium owners, businesses, and entrepreneurs free their...

Eric Gerritsen
By Gabriela Molina August 26, 2022

Why Meditation is a Powerful Tool for Remote Workers, with Eric J. Gerritsen

Eric Gerritsen is the co-founder of meditahere. He is also the founder of Imperial Yellow Ventures Inc; a venture development company focused on emerging opportunities in the yoga, meditation, and wellness industries. Eric has over...

Sophie Wade
By Gabriela Molina August 16, 2022

Why Empathy Matters in a Remote Work Environment, with Sophie Wade

Sophie Wade is the founder of and Workforce Innovation Specialist at the Flexcel Network, provider of advisory services and transformative workshops to help businesses attract, engage, retain, and support their multi-generational and distributed talent. She’s...

Digital nomad entrepreneur
By Gabriela Molina July 29, 2022

How to Build a Fully Remote Company as a Digital Nomad, with Sondre Rasch

Sondre Rasch is a co-founder and CEO of SafetyWing. Born in Bergen, Norway, he studied economics and computer science before starting work as a policy advisor for the government of Norway, advising on social policies....

Nola Simon
By Gabriela Molina July 25, 2022

How to Prevent Proximity Bias in a Hybrid Workplace, with Nola Simon

Nola Simon is the founder of Nola Simon Advisory, a company that works with organizations seeking to embed hybrid and remote structures. She is also the host of the Janus Oasis Podcast.

Remote leader
By Gabriela Molina July 18, 2022

Building Effective Remote Team Collaboration Processes, with Luke Szyrmer

Luke Szyrmer specializes in commercialization across DeepTech, Finance, and Software/Internet. He serves as an innovation consultant that helps both startups and established companies get to market faster with new products. Luke is also a podcaster,...

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