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Victor Fredung
By Luis Magalhaes May 17, 2019

Managing Across Three Countries Like Victor Fredung

Victor Fredung is a seasoned fintech innovator with multiple years of experience in the payment sector, and currently serves as the CEO of Shufti Pro, leading the charge to offer better, AI-powered Identity Verification technology.

Emidio do Sacramento
By Luis Magalhaes May 10, 2019

Protecting Your Digital Heritage with Emidio do Sacramento

Emídio do Sacramento has one of the most amazing origin stories of any podcast guest, ever, so we’ll leave it to you to find out where he came from – he is currently the founder...

Oliver Weiss
By Luis Magalhaes May 3, 2019

Improving the Health of Your Hybrid Remote Culture with Oliver Weiss

After devoting a significant portion of his life understanding the financial industry Oliver Weiss pivoted his career into healthcare, which he found to be his calling, by becoming the founder and CEO of MeCasa.

Sharon Koifman
By Luis Magalhaes April 25, 2019

Balancing Focus vs Being Social, with Sharon Koifman

Sharon Koifman believes every company, from the biggest enterprise to the newly-launched garage startup, should have access to world’s top talent. That’s why he used over 10 years of experience in tech industry recruitment &...

Johanna Rothman and Mark Kilby
By Luis Magalhaes April 18, 2019

From Chaos to Agility with Mark Kilby and Johanna Rothman

Mark Kilby is a seasoned agile coach, and co-founder of several North-American Agile communities. Johanna Rothman is a prolific author, management expert, and teacher of best management practices. Both are experienced software engineers, and by...

Peter Lee
By Luis Magalhaes April 12, 2019

The Future of Video Communication with Peter Lee

As the real and the virtual world start blending more than ever, we brush more and more with a kind of “uncanny valley” effect in communications. We have high fidelity video, but it feels odd...

Rose Barrett
By Luis Magalhaes April 10, 2019

Fighting Isolation and Working Better with Rose Barrett

Rose Barrett is the owner of Folio Digital and a co-founder of Grow Remote – the people behind Ireland’s first remote work conference, and devoted to helping remote workers from all the world connect and...

Pilar Orti
By Luis Magalhaes April 5, 2019

Thinking Remote with Pilar Orti

Pilar Orti is a voice actress, a coach, a writer, and a speaker, as well as the host of the 21st Century Work-Life podcast. She is one of the most prolific producers of content covering...

Judy Rees
By Luis Magalhaes March 29, 2019

Clean Language as a Remote Game-Changer with Judy Rees

Judy Rees, our guest today, has helped dozens of trainers, coaches, and facilitators through live online training. As a news editor and a media executive, she has extensive experience managing large remote teams. She is...

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