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Lisette Sutherland
By Luis Magalhaes February 15, 2019

How to Work Together Anywhere with Lisette Sutherland

Lisette Sutherland is a remote work advocate extraordinaire and the driving force behind Collaboration Superpowers. Lisette’s superpower is the ability to give multiple options to tackle the most grievous of remote work challenges, and she...

Christian McCarrick
By Luis Magalhaes February 8, 2019

Simple (Remote) Leadership with Christian McCarrick

Todays’ guest is Christian McCarrick, VP of Engineering at Auth0 and host of the SimpleLeadership Podcast. Christian has been a technology leader for almost two decades, and through his Simple Leadership Podcast, has learned from...

Goncalo Silva
By Luis Magalhaes February 1, 2019

Lists and Growing Organically with Doist’s Gonçalo Silva

Today’s guest is Gonçalo Silva, CTO of Doist. Having started as a freelancer hired by the company’s founder, Gonçalo is a great example of how you can grow your career even working remotely, and be...

Marcello Bonatto
By Luis Magalhaes January 25, 2019

Breaking Cultural Barriers with Marcello Bonatto

Todays’ guest, Marcello Bonatto, leads Re:Coded, a non-profit that helps people from war-torn countries learn the craft of IT and work remotely with Western enterprises, bringing value into their lives and communities.

Victoria Haidamus
By Luis Magalhaes January 4, 2019

Taking the Remote Work Red Pill with Victoria Haidamus

On this episode of the DistantJob Podcast, we’re proud to present Victoria Haidamus, Product Manager at Officeless and Startae.

Nassim Kammah
By Luis Magalhaes December 21, 2018

Mailchimp’s Nassim Kammah on the Power of One Single Thing

Nassim Kammah works at MailChimp as their Engineering Manager, and is at the cutting edge of the conversation about remote leadership and working with a hybrid remote/co-located company.

Marcus Wermuth
By Luis Magalhaes December 14, 2018

Buffer’s Marcus Wermuth on Translating Empowerment Into Value

Marcus Wermuth is the Lead Mobile Developer at Buffer, and frequently writes about and delivers talks on how to lead remote teams.

Joel Martinez
By Luis Magalhaes December 7, 2018

Microsoft’s Joel Martinez on Building People, Not Kingdoms

Joel Martinez is a Senior Developer at Microsoft, a prolific writer, and a huge advocate for remote work.

Laurel Farrer
By Luis Magalhaes November 30, 2018

Communicating to Thrive with Laurel Farrer

Laurel is a remote work strategist and advocate who works with companies to strengthen communication and develop long-distance management strategies. She has written about remote work for several publications and education platforms and has advised...

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