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Pilar Orti
By Luis Magalhaes April 5, 2019

Thinking Remote with Pilar Orti

Pilar Orti is a voice actress, a coach, a writer, and a speaker, as well as the host of the 21st Century Work-Life podcast. She is one of the most prolific producers of content covering...

Judy Rees
By Luis Magalhaes March 29, 2019

Clean Language as a Remote Game-Changer with Judy Rees

Judy Rees, our guest today, has helped dozens of trainers, coaches, and facilitators through live online training. As a news editor and a media executive, she has extensive experience managing large remote teams. She is...

Molood Noori
By Luis Magalhaes March 23, 2019

Busting Remote Agile Myths with Molood Noori

Molood Noori is the founder and owner of Remote Forever, and is behind the organisation of the worlds first fully web-based Agile Remote summit, the Remote Forever Summit. She’s also a certified scrum master and...

Tammy Bjelland
By Luis Magalhaes March 8, 2019

Learning and Leading Remote with Tammy Bjelland

Today’s guest is Tammy Bjelland, the founder and president of Learning in Bloom, a learning solutions company that specializes in instructional design and a task-based approach to talent and expertise development. She is also the...

Liam Martin
By Luis Magalhaes March 1, 2019

Running Metrics-Driven Remote Teams with Liam Martin

Today’s guest is Liam Martin, the co-founder and CMO of TimeDoctor.com, Staff.com and co-organizer of RunningRemote.com – the largest conference on building remote teams. After working with remote employees for over 10 years, Liam regularly...

Katie Womersley
By Luis Magalhaes February 22, 2019

The Remote Manager’s Manual with Katie Womersley

Today’s guest is Katie Womersley, a champion of remote work from Buffer, where she works as VP of Engineering. Her writing about management and tech leadership has been featured in The Next Web, Inc Magazine...

Lisette Sutherland
By Luis Magalhaes February 15, 2019

How to Work Together Anywhere with Lisette Sutherland

Lisette Sutherland is a remote work advocate extraordinaire and the driving force behind Collaboration Superpowers. Lisette’s superpower is the ability to give multiple options to tackle the most grievous of remote work challenges, and she...

Christian McCarrick
By Luis Magalhaes February 8, 2019

Simple (Remote) Leadership with Christian McCarrick

Todays’ guest is Christian McCarrick, VP of Engineering at Auth0 and host of the SimpleLeadership Podcast. Christian has been a technology leader for almost two decades, and through his Simple Leadership Podcast, has learned from...

Goncalo Silva
By Luis Magalhaes February 1, 2019

Lists and Growing Organically with Doist’s Gonçalo Silva

Today’s guest is Gonçalo Silva, CTO of Doist. Having started as a freelancer hired by the company’s founder, Gonçalo is a great example of how you can grow your career even working remotely, and be...

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