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Succesful business woman
By Gabriela Molina April 12, 2021

Accountability in the Remote Workplace with Erica McMannes

Erica McMannes is the Founder and COO of Instant Teams, a 100% remote organization that specializes in creating remote options for untapped talent pools of professionals and delivering the best remote workforce solutions to companies.

Remote Manager
By Gabriela Molina April 5, 2021

Making Remote Work Meaningful with Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee is the Team Experience Manager at Buffer. She has a master’s degree in philosophy and was previously an educator in one of Singapore’s top schools. In 2010 she started a career as a...

Sara Magnabosco
By Gabriela Molina March 29, 2021

How to Manage a Remote Team as a Digital Nomad with Sara Magnabosco

Sara Magnabosco is the head of operations at Hacker Paradise and an advocate for remote work. She joined Hacker Paradise after spending four years in Belgium running Beta Cowork, one of the most active coworking...

Business man
By Gabriela Molina March 22, 2021

Effective Remote Hiring Strategies with Bretton Putter

Bretton Putter is an expert in company culture development and the CEO of CultureGene, a culture leadership software and services platform that helps companies and leaders worldwide design, develop, build, and transition into a high-performance...

Remote leader
By Gabriela Molina March 15, 2021

Succeeding as a Remote Leader with Gary Walker

Gary is a remote and modern work specialist. He helps organizations transform their ways of working by embedding digital and remote working practices and increasing the adoption of digital tools. He is the author of...

Corine Tan
By Gabriela Molina March 8, 2021

Leading with Empathy in a Virtual Setting with Corine Tan

Corine Tan is the co-founder of Sike Insights; an early-stage Techstars backed startup building the emotional intelligence platform for remote teams. Their mission is to help remote managers lead with empathy.

Theresa Hollema
By Gabriela Molina March 1, 2021

How to Increase Cultural Competence in a Remote Setting with Theresa Sigillito Hollema

Theresa Sigillito Hollema is a cultural consultant, an expert at team development and virtual teams, and the author of the book Virtual Teams Across Cultures: Create Successful Teams Around the World. She focuses on leadership...

remote work leader
By Gabriela Molina February 22, 2021

How to Make Remote Work Fun with Maryellen Stockton

Maryellen Stockton is the founder and CEO of Work Well Wherever. She is a wife, mother, career coach, and remote management consultant with 15 years of experience working with individuals and organizations.

Succesful business woman
By Gabriela Molina February 15, 2021

Building a Strong Remote Startup Culture with Rachel Korb

Rachel Korb is the People Operations Manager at Re:Coded, having previously worked at Devex as the Global Team Lead for People Operations. She is also an organizational and leadership coach with over five years of...

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