How To Hire A Talented Game Developer In 2021

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As a gaming addict, I’d love to create a MOBA where I can see characters created by me in a 5 vs 5 battleground. Now, I’m a complete noob (slang for newbie. It is actually misused as an insult in the gaming world. Hmmmm) when it comes to coding. I’d need to hire a game developer to do the job for me. I can afford to do it someday, but if you’re someone who already has a fantastic idea along with the necessary resources, you need a team of professional game developers to do the job.

Developing a game is a heavy task in itself, and with so many game developers out there, how will you figure out who’s the right one for your project? It’s 2021, and the hiring landscape has shifted drastically. This is why we have curated some of the best tips for hiring the best game developer in 2021. Let’s dive right in.

Game Technologies to Look for Before Hiring a Game Developer

What kind of a game are you developing? Is it a simple shooter game or a MOBA that has a PvP arena? Maybe it is a multiplayer game involving heavy graphics or a simple single player game that can be played offline? Will it be available on mobile platforms only or is it also made for gaming consoles? 

Once you’re able to figure out all this, you’ll understand what specific technologies your game will be developed in. This will lead you to the tech expertise you need to look for when you hire a game developer.

For most game development projects, you need to hire game developers with a strong knowledge of some game engines. Unity and Unreal are two such engines that most games are built on. Add to this some important programming languages like C++, JavaScript, C#, Python, DevOps, and Linux to ensure that the game developer you’re hiring is an expert who can deliver what you exactly want. Strong knowledge of game graphics is also critical.

In today’s day and age, most game developers have good knowledge of Extended Reality (XR),which is a term that encompasses: 

  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Virtual Reality (VR) 
  • Mixed Reality (MR). 

It’s always a huge plus if the game developer is also well-versed with XR.

There’s a lot more to game developers than just the know-how of gaming technologies. Let’s find out how you can make sure that you hire a game developer that suits your needs the best.

Tips for Hiring the Best Game Developer Talent

Make Sure They Love Games

You might think this is unnecessary but imagine if you had a game developer that yawns at the idea of your game and is always making excuses to skip the “storytelling” bit. You don’t want someone disinterested in the product itself. Even though the game developer in question loves the process of creating a game, if  they don’t like the final product, it could mean less effort and enthusiasm.

Believe it or not, this could actually affect the outcome. You don’t need to look for cheerleaders who will jump in joy at your “Skyrim” like idea. But you’re better off hiring talented game developers who have some passion and excitement for what they’re creating than hire someone who cringes while testing the game when it’s all done. What’s a creator without the creation?

Pro tip: If the game developer claims to like certain games, ask for their favorite characters in those games to make sure they’re not bluffing!

Do They Have an Impressive Portfolio?

With the rise in the demand for game developers, it is essential for you to check the portfolio thoroughly. Does the game developer have enough experience in what you want to create? Has he ever created a similar game before? All of these things will stand out in a portfolio. You need to check the versatility and the specific expertise of the game developer. Not all are good at developing every type of game.

Pro tip: Make sure you actually check the games in the portfolio to get first hand experience of the developers work.

Hire a Remote Game Developer

If you’re smart, you’ll make this move. The reason is simple. You’ll attract top game developers too. The best professionals are choosing remote work because of the work-life balance it comes with. Moreover, it saves employees time and money, and it also saves you a lot of time and money. It is a complete win-win situation!

Also, who wants to stick to finding a game developer in the vicinity when the perfect fit is sitting  3000 miles away, maybe? Why cage the possibilities?

You’re creating a game, and that is going to cost a lot anyway. Why choose mediocrity when it is possible to get the best? Don’t let proximity and local talent become a hindrance to your success. In today’s world, you have a choice:Go global and hire the best game developer for yourself.

Pro Tip: Remote hiring isn’t child’s play. It is best to avoid the know-it-all syndrome. If you really want to hire the best game developer, go for an expert remote recruitment agency. You’ll be surprised at the kind of candidates they can find for you. 

hire the best remote developer

The Right Questions to Hire Game Developers

When you reach the interview stage, be very careful. Here’s when you get to know the game developer really well. Don’t miss the chance by asking irrelevant questions. Here are some of the questions that can help you make the right decision.

1. Name some of the Android tools required to develop games.

The answer should contain some of these terms:

  • Eclipse: Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Android SDK
  • Hudson – Automatic build tool
  • ADT – Android’s Eclipse Plugin

2. How do you keep yourself up to date with the latest game development technologies?

How the candidate answers this will tell a lot about their enthusiasm to learn and evolve. You don’t want game developers that are stuck with theories from the stone age. Pay attention to the platforms or sources they mention here and check how relevant they are.

3. How will you stay connected with your team and manage real time crisis when you’re working remotely?

The answer to this will help you understand the candidate’s mindset. How communicative are they? What do they do to solve problems? Can they adapt to a remote team environment? They should be able to tell you a feasible and actionable solution. 

These are just some of the questions that will help you understand the game developer’s expertise, personal attributes, and mindset. All kinds of questions are very important, especially if you’re going to hire a remote game developer.

Hire a Game Developer with DistantJob

Hiring a game developer requires a high level of expertise and commitment to deliver. As a business, your project is an important part of your growth and to make your next game a success, you need to hire the right game developers. 

Remote work environments can change your game for the better, literally and that’s why DistantJob is here to help you find the best game developer talent at affordable rates.

If you’d like to create your dream game development team, get in touch with us. We are eager to see some better games in our app stores and consoles!

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Aneesha Kochar

Aneesha Kochar

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