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Vishal has played multiple roles over the past 8 years- a mechanical engineer, blogger, liberal arts student, & currently a marketing professional. He loves to learn and read new things and his latest obsession is creator economy and personal branding in the age of remote work. When not working, he is busy overthinking about life in 2050. You can reach out to him on Twitter @VishalThisSide

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Full Stack vs. Specialized Developer: Who Is The Best For Your Remote Business?

If you’re hiring web developers, you have two main options: hire a full stack developer or a specialized developer. But the choice isn’t as straightforward as […]

Python App Development: Is Python Suitable for Mobile Applications?

Python has been widely used in science and technology, numerical calculation, education, web development, etc. But, when it comes to developing mobile apps in Python, […]

Angular vs. React JS: What’s the Difference?

At first, talking about Angular vs React makes no sense because Angular is a framework, and React JS is a library. However, both are frequently […]

Golang Web Development – Everything You Need to Know

Web development is a dynamic field with new languages, frameworks, and libraries introduced every year to improve programming efficiency and practices. Golang is one such […]

How to Use Laravel Framework in PHP

PHP is still one of the most popular programming languages with a market share of over 45%, according to 2021 data from Statista. It is […]

WooComerce vs. Magento: Which One is Better for E-commerce

If you plan to build an eCommerce website, WooCommerce and Magento are among the platforms you may consider. These two are eCommerce website builders that […]

7 Reasons Why You Need an API Integration Platform

The introduction of APIs on the web has made it simpler for developers to build web apps without building every aspect of the application by […]

Surprising Statistics about Remote Work

The trends and expectations of remote work have changed since the first quarter of 2020. Many employers weren’t ready for their entire workforce to work […]

Rust Vs Go – Everything You Need to Know

Before working on any software project, one of the first decisions you have to make is the language to use. Rust and Go are among […]

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