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By Gabriela Molina October 19, 2020

Hiring for Culture Fit in a Remote Context with Mag Boron

Mag is the founder and CEO of Pangian, the fastest-growing remote work community around the world. Mag’s career spans over 10 years of global leadership and remote work expertise, deployed in complex business and technology...

Remote business leader
By Gabriela Molina October 12, 2020

Building Efficient Processes to Scale your Remote Business with Chris Ronzio

Chris Ronzio is the founder and CEO of Trainual, a leading SaaS company that helps businesses automate their onboarding and training by documenting every process, policy, and procedure in one simple system. Chris is also...

Business leader
By Gabriela Molina October 5, 2020

How to Make Remote Teams Accountable with Susan Basterfield

Susan Basterfield is the Partner and Co-Founder of Greaterthan, an organization that trains, supports, and advises people, teams, and businesses at the forefront of decentralized, self-managed, and participatory work.  She is also a member and...

Succesful business man
By Gabriela Molina September 28, 2020

Building a High Trust Culture on Remote Teams with Jeb Hurley

Dr. Jeb Hurley is the co-founder and CEO of ‎Xmetryx, a company that develops Team Relationship Management software tools for leaders. He is an expert fostering trust with remote teams and holds a doctorate in...

Episode 100 DistantJob podcast
By Gabriela Molina September 21, 2020

Understanding Culture and Leadership in a Remote Business with DistantJob’s Leaders

Sharon Koifman is the Founder and President of DistantJob, a remote recruitment agency specialized in headhunting talented developers for companies all over the world. Sharon used his 15+ years of experience in the tech and...

Succesful business woman
By Gabriela Molina September 14, 2020

How to Onboard Virtual Employees with Jennifer Aldrich

Jennifer Aldrich is the Senior Manager of Design Community Partnerships at InVision, the digital product design platform used to make the world’s best customer experiences. Jennifer has an educational and psychology background, but she fell...

Business leader
By Gabriela Molina September 7, 2020

Virtual Teams and Cultural Diversity with Francis Norman

Francis Norman is the general manager of innovation and strategy at National Energy Resources Australia. He is also the director at Ulfire, where he offers consulting services to projects and organizations in the specialty area...

Succesful business woman
By Gabriela Molina August 31, 2020

How to Improve Culture and Team Dynamics Remotely with Shiran Yaroslavsky

Shiran Yaroslavsky is the CEO and co-founder of Cassiopeia, a startup specializing in delivering actionable insights to boost remote team collaboration, belonging, and mental health by analyzing communication patterns within and among teams. Shiran has...

Remote business leader
By Gabriela Molina August 24, 2020

Tips for Measuring Productivity in Distributed Teams with Victor Vorski

Victor Vorski is a mentor who works deeply integrated with many companies, helping them shape and shift into the necessary roles to accomplish the goals of building fully distributed software teams and startups. With a...

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