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Gabriela Molina is the writer and executive editor of the DistantJob blog. As a former freelance journalist, she has covered a wide range of topics throughout her career. She was featured in Datasciencentral, Simpleprogrammer, to name a few. She is currently specializing in the areas of technology, leadership, and remote work.

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The Three Key Motivators to Succeed While Working Remotely Sarah Aviram

Sarah Aviram is an expert in understanding what makes employees, whether remote or not, thrive at their jobs. After extensive research and one year traveling as a digital nomad, she understood that it’s not necessarily about working remotely or working at an office. One of the most important factors is to do a job you love. During this podcast episode, she shares insights on her research, and she also reveals the three key motivators to succeed while working remotely.

Encouraging Ownership in Your Remote Team with Stephen Sommers

In this podcast episode, Stephen Sommers explains in-depth why ownership is fundamental in any business. He shares, from his experience, why encouraging ownership and helping employees developing it changes the team’s dynamics for the better. He also shares valuable insights in diverse subjects such as culture, remote hiring, and tips for remote leaders.

Tips to Delegate Authority in Dev Teams

Development teams usually work at a face pace, making IT managers deal with all sorts of problems. When teams grow and have more projects on […]

How to Build an Employee-first Culture with Anne Bibb

During this podcast episode, Anne Bibb shares valuable insights on how the current debate should not be whether to shift towards a fully remote organization vs. going back to the office. Business leaders should reflect upon where their employees work at best? And base their decision on their employee’s needs.

Accountability in the Remote Workplace with Erica McMannes

How to measure accountability in the remote workplace? This is one of the most common questions from new remote leaders who are not sure how to deal with their teams virtually. During this podcast episode, Erica McMannes shares how accountability is based on trust. She also reveals insights about the truth of leading remote teams and how hiring remotely has made her business successful.

What is IT Management for Your Business?

IT management consists of administrating and keeping track of an organization’s technology systems. These include hardware, software, and the company’s networks.  Overall, IT managers ensure […]

Making Remote Work Meaningful with Stephanie Lee

During this podcast episode, Stephanie Lee shares how having a diverse path experience helped her perform successfully in her current role. She also reveals how to make remote work more meaningful and how you can connect with your team members successfully with the right tools.

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