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4 Limitations of the Local Market

Maria Rainelli
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When seeking qualified professionals to fill positions within your company, it’s easy to think locally. After all, there are many advantages to hiring locally, including direct communication, supporting the local economy, and in some cases, tax breaks. However, if you truly want to build your business up with the most qualified individuals, only seeking local talent can actually be really limiting.

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If you aren’t looking for candidates outside of your company’s local area, you may be losing out on top talent.

How Can You Find the Best People With Such a Limited Scope?

For one, local talent is limited in size and scope, even if you’re searching in a large metropolitan area. For all you know, the right person may be one mile outside of the zone in which you are seeking. Secondly, focusing on local talent only may limit your company in terms of global resources. Various countries employ different standards of education, and many are comparable if not better than those found in the United States. Given these factors, your company may find itself limited if you automatically disqualify top-notch global candidates.

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Certain sectors of industry are more advanced in various parts of the globe, so don’t limit your company to only local candidates

Certain Sectors Can Be Advantageous to Recruiting Non-Locally

Another thing to consider is that certain states and countries tend to have higher concentrations of qualified professionals in various sectors, so it would make sense to open your hiring practices. For example, France is not only known for providing great food, but it is also known for training some of the most highly-accomplished medical professionals in the world. Likewise, Asia in general is known to train highly-skilled tech employees, many of whom are available to compete against even the best American workers. Finally, California is a hotspot of digital entrepreneurship, so if you’re a company based in Richmond, Virginia, you may be selling your company short by only accepting candidates in the Richmond region.

Compensation May Seem Like a Barrier

For many business owners, compensation is market-based, meaning a programmer in San Francisco may earn near six figures, but a programmer in Augusta, Georgia, may earn half that. What’s important to keep in mind is that you will need to spend the money in order to recruit the right talent. Why would someone in Manhattan move across the country to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a job if you aren’t willing to provide adequate compensation? Why wouldn’t that individual stay where they are and get paid the market wage? As such, when seeking candidates outside of your local area, you’ll need to be ready to compensate them accordingly, even if your local market does not exactly dictate such wages and benefits.

Consider Remote Workers

One way around all of these potential concerns involving seeking locally vs. seeking outside of your local area is to search for remote workers. These are professionals who either work from home or work from a remote office space, and through phone, email, and video conference communication, they can be in touch during set business hours, almost as if they were in the workplace with you. By incorporating remote teams, you can also reduce costs and improve productivity, as remote workers will not need to spend time commuting, participating in office politics, or office distractions.

Distant Job connects you to global talent, local talent, and talent found anywhere in between. Our goal is to provide you with advanced recruiting services that identify the best people for your organization, including remote workers. To learn more, contact the recruitment professionals at www.distantjob.com.

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