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The Best Cloud Sharing Software For Virtual Teams

Angela Karl
Creative Senior Content Designer - - - 3 min. to read

Cloud sharing software is required when managing a successful business with local workers and digital nomads. With it, you can organize documents, spreadsheets, communication, presentations, comments, file sharing and more.

With this in mind, we took a look at the best cloud sharing software options to help you find the best one.

G Suite

G Suite is such a popular service that I’m writing this post on Google Docs, a part of G Suite, right now. With this cloud product, you’ve got a set of different office tools and free cloud storage that can hold any file.

The suite includes an online word processor called Google Docs, spreadsheet application named Google Sheets (similar to Excel) and presentation builder, Google Slides (like PowerPoint). Some other options are Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google MyMaps, Google Sites, JamBoard (a collaborative, online whiteboard) and the ability to connect with other apps.

Anyone who has or creates a Google account gets all of this for free, along with 15GB of storage where you can host anything on your Drive, including documents, photos, videos, and even Photoshop files.

One thing to be aware of, though, is that this storage is shared with your Gmail account and photos on your Google+. So, if you have an overflowing inbox, you might end up needing some more room. If so, their pricing plans are very competitive.

When it comes to remote sharing tools, Drive is ahead of the curve. You have many different sharing options to make it as simple as possible, such as the ability to grant access to specific people via email or give access to anyone who has a link.

From here, you can also decide if you want those people to be able just to view, comment, or edit your files. You could even apply these sharing rules to an entire folder.

There’s also the ability to add comments and an in-editor chat feature that pops up if anyone is viewing the document at the same time as you. If someone forgot to record their edits, you check out previous versions of the file and see any changes made.

The service is very compatible with the most types of files, as well. For example, you can open and edit Microsoft Word files in Drive, as well as save any Google Docs as a Word file.

If you use Gmail, the benefits are even more significant, like file preview and the ability to save files directly from your email to Drive.


Box claims that they are “changing how you manage content from across your business, from simple file sharing to building custom apps.” While a single individual can utilize Google Drive without a company, Box cloud works to help both local and remote workers communicate and share.

One of their main focuses (beyond collaboration) is privacy. Box has options to password protect your files and set expiration dates for links so they aren’t shared more than you’d like, as well as SSL and at-rest encryption with their Starter plan and beyond.

Not only can you choose exactly who can view and open which folder or file, but you can also grant access to who can edit and upload files.

You can store or preview without downloading over 120 types of files and share files with people with a simple link, similar to G Drive, or email them straight from Box.

With Box cloud, you can assign tasks, get notifications when specific files change or leave comments on your remote employee’s work. Of course, you can also download their desktop app so your data can be synced between your hard drive and the cloud, too.

Because Box doesn’t have something like Google Docs to edit a Microsoft Word file, they make it simple with plug-ins that let you edit files saved to Box from applications like Microsoft Office or Adobe Lightroom. In fact, Box even works with G Suite, as well as other popular applications like Slack and Salesforce.

For all these features, you won’t be paying too much. They do have free personal accounts, but their starter business account, ideal for small, efficient teams, is just $5/user/month. This plan includes 100GB secure storage, 2GB file upload, max ten users, and many other security and collaboration tools.

They also have more extensive plans if you need them.


This “revolutionary all-in-one suite to run your business” works to bring collaboration with digital nomads and in-house employees to a new level.

First, Zoho is a software suite similar to G Suite that includes their free online word processor that has a more significant focus on editing.

Additionally, it features an arguably better UI than Microsoft Office or Google Docs because of the importance it places on collaboration. For example, this software hosts electronic signature support, a chat service to talk to other collaborators, and a simple method of giving notes and edits.

They offer far more apps than other comparable services. Under the Sales and Marketing section, just a few of the apps they have are:

For Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Social
  • Forms
  • Survey
  • Campaigns

With Email & collaboration:

  • Mail
  • Docs
  • BugTracker
  • Meeting

For Finance:

  • Books
  • Invoice
  • Subscriptions

This list doesn’t even mention the all of the options under each category, nor apps they have under the Human Resources, IT & Help Desk, or Business Process sections. Additionally, if you love working with G Suite, they have G Suite integration.

The most likely option for most small to medium-sized businesses is the Zoho Workplace Bundle. This bundle is perfect for working with digital nomads because of the importance it places on collaboration and communication.

You’ll get a complete suite of cloud applications for just $2/user/month, including their Writer (similar to Microsoft Word), Sheet (similar to Microsoft Excel), and Show (similar to PowerPoint). You also get apps particular to collaboration, like Docs (to create, save, and share files), Showtime (to assist with presentations), and Sites (to help with building and maintaining your website).

They give even more applications to help with communication, such as their Mail app, Cliq (instant messaging, file sharing, and quick previews), and Connect (a team collaboration tool that helps bring all resources to one platform).

They also offer a free version up to 25 users.

And the winner is…Zoho!

G Suite has a vast assortment of software that assists your virtual team in effective communication and is backed by the power of Google. Their software is so good, in fact, that it works with both Box and Zoho, meaning that you can get all of the advantages of G Suite without having to rely only on it.

Box is also an excellent software for cloud sharing and storage, with many features geared towards collaboration and have a strong focus on security. However, they don’t have the native file editing that Zoho offers, and their plans are also more expensive.

Zoho, on the other hand, offers numerous apps for almost any variety of purposes. Their Workplace Bundle encompasses everything a business with remote employees needs with regards to communication, collaboration, and sharing while having extremely competitive prices.

With Zoho, you can get all of their native apps and tools, integration with G Suite and other popular apps, and great pricing. To truly take advantage of this software, let us help you find the best remote coders in the world.

Angela Karl

Angela, contributing to the DistantJob blog, is a seasoned senior content designer with a decade of experience in crafting engaging narratives. Her forte lies in creating user-centered content that demystifies complex tech concepts, making them accessible to a wide audience. With her expertise, Angela plays a pivotal role in empowering readers, particularly in topics related to tech hiring, software development, and remote work strategies.

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