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DistantJob to Freeze Russian Hiring Until Aggression Ends

Sharon Koifman
- 3 min. to read

We at DistantJob have made the decision to freeze any hiring of Russia and Belarusian-based candidates, effective immediately. We are committed to helping end the war and suffering of the Ukrainian people. As you can imagine, the war is literally hitting close to home to many in our team, as we have several Ukrainian employees, and as a company, we are committed to putting their well-being ahead of business.

Until such a time, we wish safety and fortitude to the people of Ukraine, who we are committed to helping in any way we can. We also applaud any Russian or Belurasian who is willing to stand to your leadership and help end the war. We can’t wait to get back and freely hire from anywhere and support all economies.

Thank you,

Sharon Koifman

President and Founder, DistantJob

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