5 Reasons to Ditch Outsourcing and Hire Remote Full-Time Employees

It’s time to break up with your outsourcing company and move on to a longer, more fulfilling relationship.

Once thought to be an attractive alternative to hiring additional staff, companies have realized that outsourcing simply cannot compete with the benefits of remote employees.

Outsourcing Companies Faceoff with Hiring Remote Employees

  1. Didn’t Get the Memo
    You and your outsourcing company aren’t on the same page and a lack of integration is to blame. Geographic proximity isn’t the culprit. An outsourcing company can never adapt to your business because they are their own entity. They will never be “in the loop.” Whether it’s the fluid flow of communication between colleagues, or the company banter that takes place in between tasks, your business is defined by a company culture. This interaction between peers forms the foundation for a successful working environment. And only your own team can provide this. Remote employees are built in to the core of your company. You get to know them, and they get to know you – strengthening the working relationship and ultimately, the end result.
  2. Who’s Running the Joint?
    Have you gone overseas to visit the offshore outsourcing offices lately? Probably not. If you did you may be taken aback by processes and methodologies that can conflict with the way you like to get things done. The same principles that made your company a success can be threatened by placing your business in the hands of others. From productivity to staff supervision, you lose the ability to regulate project management. At best, your go-between is an outsourcing manager stretched thin with other clients and forced to divide their attention among several ongoing projects. Hiring remote employees lets you maintain your supervisory roll and oversee all aspects of deliverables. Your success shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery – it should be evident by the team you put in place.  
  3. Now Hiring…Anyone
    Don’t run the risk of diving head first into the shallow end of the talent pool. If your outsourcing company is the one hiring staff, can you really trust the quality of work? Remote teams are your own employees. They go through a rigorous vetting process, as well as your own interview and hiring procedures. You hand-select remote team members from a pool of highly qualified candidates that meet the standards and criteria your company has put forth for all employees.
  4. Great Expectations
    Dedication and employee longevity are hallmarks of great companies. Freelance staff and outsourcing companies may be an option for the short term, but the bar is set lower than that of a full-time employee. Remote teams are held to the same expectations as staff on-site. Since they aren’t contracted project to project they are able to look at the bigger picture, and work towards a shared goal with the rest of your company. Remote employees value their position and have a strong desire to grow with your business. 
  5. The Assembly Line Approach
    Outsourced teams seldom work on a single project. Depending on availability of staff, your project could potentially be facilitated by many people in a given day. With multiple editors and contributors, and an inconsistent workflow, the loss of continuity and momentum can negatively affect the outcome of a project.

Online capabilities and connectivity have brought flexible workforces to the forefront of the recruitment industry. IT and software development companies now have access to global talent pools of highly qualified potential candidates. Global hires offset costs and lets you take advantage of top international talent – if it’s done properly.

Full-time remote employees provide better, more cost-effective solutions for businesses. DistantJob places the world’s best candidates in top U.S. companies. We provide sought-after candidates to grow with the business. Contact us at 888-886-7343 to discover how.

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Sharon Koifman

Sharon Koifman

Sharon Koifman believes every company, from the biggest enterprise to the newly-launched garage startup, should have access to world’s top talent. That’s why he used over 10 years of experience in tech industry recruitment & HR to create DistantJob. His unique recruitment model allows DistantJob’s clients to get high quality IT experts working remotely at a fraction of the usual cost - with no red tape and within two weeks.

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