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Earn 25% every month, for every client, forever

Join our Referral Program and earn a 25% lifetime monthly commission for every client who hires through our service.

    Write “N/A” if you do not represent a business.

    How it works


    Apply to our partner program. We’ll set up a call with you to provide more details and help you get started.


    Receive a unique link that tracks every contact form submission on our website. This is how we’ll know when your referral reaches out to us.


    You can also introduce referrals to your DistantJob rep via email to make it even more personal (recommended).


    Once your referral hires someone through DistantJob, and the individual starts working, you’ll receive 25% of our monthly revenue.


    You’ll continue to receive your commission for as long as your referrals remain our customers.

    How much can you earn?

    Typical earnings can range between $300 to $2,000 per month, though there is no limit – the more referrals you bring, the more you earn. Our top partner currently receives $148K per year in fully passive revenue from their referrals.

    Benefits for your referrals

    Discounts – You’ll be able to offer your referrals a discounted monthly service fee, making it more affordable for them to hire remote talent.

    Make you look like a star

    We’re big on customer service, and your referrals will receive our red-carpet care.

    Who we are

    We are the first recruitment agency in the world to have focused on fully remote roles. We find people who love working in our clients’ businesses and stay with them for the long term, at great value.


    What’s our specialty?

    We specialize in remote IT/digital technology positions, as well as accounting and financial positions. We headhunt internationally for companies to find them talent with the exact right hard skills, who are also a great culture fit. Our clients find better people, faster, and at better rates. We facilitate hiring and improve retention by taking care of all HR aspects.

    Who are our ideal clients?

    Companies benefit from our services by filling their open positions faster, and at much better rates compared to hiring locally. They must be willing to hire remotely, though not necessarily in different time zones. Typically, companies with open IT, accounting, or financial positions are the best fit. Most of our clients are smaller businesses, but we cater to all company sizes. Decision-makers in the hiring process are typically the right people to discuss our services with, since they feel the pain of being unable to fill a position quickly or adequately.


    Who are our ideal partners?

    We’re convinced that the best referrals are born out of personal networks and relationships. If you have clients who are open to hiring remote individuals, or currently have open positions, then you’ll be our ideal partner. Otherwise, you can succeed by helping spread the word about our services and recommending us to people inside or outside your network.

    How are we different from other recruitment and HR solutions?

    Remote expertise. We’ve been hiring remotely much earlier than the pandemic before it was a real option for employees. We’re true remote specialists.

    A sea full of fish. We headhunt globally, so we have access to an exponentially larger talent pool than most agencies.

    Faster, stronger. Our team itself is distributed, giving us a stronger capacity to process candidates. We deliver the first batch of candidates within 2 weeks. (80% of clients hire from that batch).

    Culture is key. We care about culture fit, and we know it’s the key for long-term retention. We look for a match in both hard and soft skills. We find people who love working for our clients.

    Quality over quantity. We’re big on precision. We don’t overwhelm clients with dozens of profiles, hoping one will work - we prefer to heavily filter candidates and focus on quality, not quantity. Most clients hire after interviewing 2 to 4 candidates.

    Hassle-free HR. We take care of the hiring process, including contracts, legal work, payment processing, etc, so our client’s only focus will be managing their new staff member.

    Long-term only. We don’t work with short-term contracts. The best talent wants stable, long-term employment, and offering this is the only way to attract them.

    Wellbeing is center stage. Our team builds a relationship with the candidates hired by the client and keeps tabs on their wellbeing. We help clients ensure they are motivated, enjoy their work, and plan a career path within their organization. We give clients a nudge when we detect any unease, discomfort, or issues that merit their attention. Retention is our ultimate goal.


    How can I get more information about your program?

    Use the contact form above to get in touch with us, and we’ll set up an introductory call with you.

    How will you track my referrals?

    You’ll have your own unique link to give to your referrals. We’ll track your link so we’ll know when your referral fills out our contact form. You’ll also be kept updated on any referral you introduce to us via email.

    Do I need to handle the sales process?

    No, we’ll provide your referrals with more information. All we need from you is an introduction, or to have your referral get in touch with us. That said, if you want to own the sales as well, to ensure the referral’s success, reach out and we’ll give you as much support as we can. When you succeed, we succeed.

    When will I get paid?

    Your referral becomes a client when they decide to hire someone with DistantJob. Once the hired individual begins working, we’ll charge your referral. After their payment is completed, you’ll receive your payment by the 13th of the following month.

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