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By Erika December 7, 2019

Virtual Networking and Communication for Remote Teams with Coach Kevin Claus

Kevin Claus is a coach and consultant with a focus on leadership development and employee engagement. Kevin started managing remote teams 12 years ago, helping them reach their highest potential.

By Erika November 30, 2019

Remote work models with Microsoft’s Researcher Mary L. Gray

Mary L. Gray is a Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, an Associate Professor at Indiana University and the co-author of the book of “Ghost Work: How to Stop Silicon Valley from Building a New...

By Erika November 23, 2019

Building a Healthy Company Culture in Remote Teams with Ismail Aly and Ranya Barakat

Ismail Aly and Ranya Barakat are Co-Founders of the IDS Agency, an inbound marketing and sales shop located in Santiago, Chile. Their company is 82% remote, with team members spread across 6 different countries.

By Erika November 15, 2019

Remote Team Growth and Career Path Development With Louise Puddifoot

Louise Puddifoot is the Founder and Director of Willow & Puddifoot, a company that is all about growing people and organizations so they can achieve their goals through leadership development, manager development, workplace wellbeing, and...

By Erika November 9, 2019

Taking your company remote with Stefania Chiorboli

Stefania Chiorboli is a People Operations/HR Generalist, specialized in distributed, global teams. She’s an advocate for remote work and humans in tech, currently supporting several projects and companies that are working remotely.

By Erika November 2, 2019

The Ins and Outs of Remote Internships with Kimberly Harden

Kimberly Harden is the Founder and CEO of Harden Consulting Group and an Instructor at Seattle University. She’s taught Communication Studies at the Seattle Central College, the Highline College, and the Regis University College for...

By Erika October 26, 2019

Picking The Right Remote Team with Tom Libelt

Tom Libelt is the Co-Founder of We Create Online Courses, the Founder of WeMarketOnlineCourses.com and CEO of Libelty SEO. He’s produced his own documentary “Online Course Marketing That Works,” as he has plenty of experience...

By Erika October 12, 2019

Conversation Hacks with Mentor Coach Steve Hamilton

Steve Hamilton is an Executive Leadership and Mentor Coach, highly versed in Neuroleadership, a technique that uses neuroscience basics to develop effective working strategies and the ability to be more mindful when it comes to...

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