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Ukraine Special: How to Help Volunteers in Ukraine, with Kadafi Enduro

Gabriela Molina

Kadafi is a volunteer in Ukraine. He is a motorcyclist running back and forth to the frontier, taking supplies and donations as much as possible and helping refugees get out of the country.

Protests against Russia

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During this episode, Kadafi shares how the situation in Ukraine is and how people need support and help now more than ever. He stresses how important it is to donate and help volunteers who are finding ways to get food and the supplies people need fast.

Ukrainians are starving, freezing out, and don’t have the necessary supplies for the war. It’s important to help by donating supplies, food, and money to volunteers who make sure Ukrainians receive all they need.

He is sharing on his Instagram page the list of things people currently need.

In this episode, you’ll learn more about:

  • What are the roles of volunteers in Ukraine?
  • Why it’s better to help volunteers rather than organizations?
  • The truth behind international organizations
  • How to help volunteers in Ukrainian?
  • What’s the refugee situation?
  • Who can people become volunteers in Ukraine?


PayPal to support and donate: 

Bank details to donate:

PL79 1020 1390 0000 6602 0685 5086

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