Learning and Leading Remote with Tammy Bjelland

Tammy Bjelland
In today’s ever-changing business world, only those who learn are able to thrive. Doubly so when it comes to building and leading remote teams - everyone is still figuring out how to do it! Enter Tammy Bjelland, serial founder of remote companies and expert in the art of learning.

Welcome to the DistantJob Podcast, a show where we interview the top remote leaders, picking their brains on how to build and lead remote teams who win.

Today’s guest is Tammy Bjelland, the founder and president of Learning in Bloom ,a learning solutions company that specializes in instructional design and a task-based approach to talent and expertise development. She is also the founder of workplaceless , where she provides resources to individuals who want to advance their careers while working remotely, and to organizations that want to build and grow productive, engaged distributed workforces.

This episode sees us talk with Tammy about what it means to decide on working remotely as a career choice, not a lifestyle choice; what are some practical ways to act as a transparent leader while getting the pulse of your distributed organisation; and what the leaders of today need to know in order to be always making the best use of the learning material out there.

DistantJob Podcast – Episode 20

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Want to continue the conversation with Tammy?

Find her on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tbjelland/

Tools Tammy Recommends:

Mural (for team collaboration):https://mural.co/

Remote Work Dictionary: https://www.workplaceless.com/blog/remote-work-dictionary 

reMarkable (for learning & note-taking):remarkable.com

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Luis Magalhaes

Luis Magalhaes

Luis Magalhães is Director of Marketing and editor-in-chief at DistantJob. He writes about how to build and manage remote teams, and the benefits of hiring remote workers. He‘s been managing editorial teams remotely for the past 15 years, and training teammates to do so for nearly as long.

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