Get a personalized remote work plan for your company in 45 minutes. For free.

Hello! I am Rustam Ahverdiev and as the VP of Operations at DistantJob, I have been leading remote teams for over 6 years!

If your company is suddenly adopting work from home measures and you're struggling to figure out how to cope, I am making myself available to build you a personal recommended plan for your business tools, processes, and operations - for free.

DistantJob has been a leading advocate of remote work (or working from home) for the last decade, and as part of trying to help businesses succeed as COVID-19 hits hard, we want to share our expertise with you, no cost, no commitment, no contracts.

What you’ll get:

Processes & procedures that can help your team transition to an online-first office
A recommended set of tools that will help your team carry on with #remotelife
Culture & morale tips & tricks
Info on tax breaks and government incentives that can help you with this transition
Q&A Session with a seasoned remote working professional

Sign up here and we will get back within a business day, to set up a call!

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