Mailchimp’s Nassim Kammah on the Power of One Single Thing

Nassim Kammah
Episode 09 - In this episode of the DistantJob podcast, we talk to Nassim Kammah. Nassim works at Mailchimp as their Engineering Manager, and is at the cutting edge of the conversation about remote leadership and working with a hybrid remote/co-located company.

This episode touches on how the importance of treating remote employees just as if they were regular, co-located employees; how negative emotional states can be more prevalent during online communication and how to manage them; and on the best formula to get honest, actionable feedback from your team members. But that’s not all, of course – this is one of the wider-ranging DistantJob podcasts ever!

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Nassim’s recommendation for your remote office? The Webaround.

And for more information on the leadership frameworks he mentioned, check out  Paloma Medina’s  BICEPS model and  Lara Hogan’s work.

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Luis Magalhaes

Luis Magalhaes

Luis Magalhães is Director of Marketing and editor-in-chief at DistantJob. He writes about how to build and manage remote teams, and the benefits of hiring remote workers. He‘s been managing editorial teams remotely for the past 15 years, and training teammates to do so for nearly as long.

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