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Sr .Net Enterprise Engineer

“It's about finding that balance where you have one foot in the familiar, one foot in the unfamiliar.

If you have two feet in the unfamiliar, it's overwhelming.

If you have two feet in the familiar, then there's just boredom.

It's about having both.”

― Humble the Poet

At the vortex of new, modern .Net technologies and Visual Basic, there’s a sweet spot to be found. It’s only accessible to those brave enough to try new things, wise enough to never look down on past technologies, and flexible enough to handle both worlds.

This particular role involves working for a company making proprietary technologies for the insurance industry. They are proud to be working with modern .Net technologies and have a working Visual Basic code base that they will be migrating to .Net – with your expert assistance!

In this role, you will be working with a small team where your voice will count in a group that values recognition, growth, as well as having a good time while getting things done. It will involve helping them port their codebase from .Net framework to .Net Core (yes, yes, we know it's now just called “.Net”), so it’s a fun opportunity for someone who doesn’t like a repetitive job. They have a large, complex application with a high level of object orientation based on inheritance, overriding to fit the needs of each of their customers and each insurance policies. 

To be successful in this role, you will need:

  • Plenty of experience with VB.NET.
  • Previous experience porting a .Net Framework codebase to .Net Core
  • Hands-on C# experience.
  • Some work experience with MVC as well as JavaScript, jQuery, and bootstrap.
  • Hands-on experience with Git, VisualStudio 2019, TFS, JIRA, and Agile Methodologies.

We will be extra-pleased if you also have experience with:

  • SQL server
  • Azure
  • HyperV
  • Windows 2019 Server

This is a remote-first and long-term opportunity. So, if this role sounds interesting, please don’t hesitate to apply!

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