Managing Across Three Countries Like Victor Fredung

Victor Fredung
When does it make sense to have an office, even if you support remote work? How can a leader be up to speed on what’s happening when your company’s divisions are in different countries? These are just two of the questions we tackle with the CEO of Shufti Pro.

Welcome to the DistantJob Podcast, a show where we interview the most successful remote leaders, picking their brains on how to build and lead remote teams who win.

Victor Fredung is a seasoned fintech innovator with multiple years of experience in the payment sector, and currently serves as the CEO of Shufti Pro ( ), leading the charge to offer better, AI-powered Identity Verification technology.

In this episode, we talk about how he works from home while managing several facets of a tech company spread across three countries and timezones while simultaneously dealing with US clients. We explore the importance of getting FaceTime when hiring and why it’s important to find a time in the day for the whole company to sync, even if only briefly. And, among other things, we speculate on how AI could help us verify the experience and skill set of potential hires.

DistantJob Podcast: Episode 30

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Luis Magalhaes

Luis Magalhaes

Luis Magalhães is Director of Marketing and editor-in-chief at DistantJob. He writes about how to build and manage remote teams, and the benefits of hiring remote workers. He‘s been managing editorial teams remotely for the past 15 years, and training teammates to do so for nearly as long.

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