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Interviewing, training, and communicating with your employees is key to the success of your business.

We'll find you top talent who understands your processes, your company culture and works during your business hours.

Traditional Outsourcing vs Remote Recruitment

Is the old way of hiring an outsourcing company or a freelancer to manage your project really the only way to implement cost-saving solutions?

Recruiting your own remote employee to work directly for you not only helps you avoid unfocused freelancers or managers supervising unknown workers, it offers all the same cost-saving benefits.

Limited pool of skilled local candidates?

Imagine gaining access to millions of professional IT graduates across the globe and hiring the best possible candidate, to give you that leading edge in a highly competitive market. Distant Job helps you do just that, finding better people faster, all at a fraction of the cost of local recruitment.

Remote Employees work Longer and are more Productive

Research from several Universities like Cornell and Stanford confirms that remote employees are highly motivated, passionate, and by far, happier and therefore more productive.


Distant job connects you to leading global talent

Our own team consists of experienced and highly skilled IT Specialists trained in global HR recruiting. So you can be sure all our candidates are pre-screened and vetted, passing our proprietary analytical and core-skills testing as well as advanced technical and language communication evaluations.

No more challenging communications

Let us find you passionate professionals dedicated to your company, working during your office hours, IT Specialists you can communicate with and motivate in real time, while staying true to your processes and core values.

What is a remote placement agency?

An innovative service based on a new recruitment model focused on finding you the best individual for the job, not limited to any geographic area.

This individual essentially works directly under your management, communicating in real time and working by the same processes and core values just like all your company’s local employees.

Why distant job?

Because recruiting and headhunting across the world requires some very unique skills and know-how. At Distant Job all our recruiters are IT Specialists trained in global HR recruitment.

Distant Job has developed a proprietary filtering process to not only evaluate advanced core-skill qualifications, but also assess highly sophisticated, analytical capability testing and strong communication abilities to fully understand your needs to get the job done.

  • Eliminate unfocused managers, weak communication and uncertain deadlines.
  • We ensure direct interaction with your IT Specialist recruits who work exclusively and effectively by your company processes and core values.
  • No longer limit your potential pool of talent to just one centralized outsourcing operation situated in one small offshore region or location.
  • Our top candidates are well aware of their value and are not willing to compromise on their high standards just to get a job.
  • True quality candidates have no interest in competing in desperate bidding wars just to find some work.
  • We specifically head hunt for currently employed IT Specialists who offer unwavering and uncompromising standards.
  • No longer limit your search to a compromising local market, you can now choose from a global pool of talent to find top candidates in a matter of days.
  • Save over 60% of the average local employment costs, plus all the additional overhead and local recruitment fees.
  • Distant Job’s unique service ensures a stringent filtering process headed by highly qualified IT Specialists.

Our customers tell you the real story

  • Distant Job provided us with solid employees who were friendly and easy to work with. We have used them for several projects and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

    Mick Southerland

    Pixeldust Interactive

  • This was my first time using Distant job after some difficulties with other providers. I needed a grails developer FAST and was very impressed with how quick they found one. His name is Vishal and he was an excellent candidate and an absolute joy to work with from the get go. Communication with Vishal was easily accessible and he always replied to my emails promptly.

    Stephane Rainville

    Founder in CTO On-Demand

  • When we needed talented programmers with some special skills that were not in our mainstream, we contacted DistantJob for some help. Not only were they responsive, they understood our requirements and were able to offer a short list of pre-screened resumes for us to choose from. Our first experience turned out well, with our being able to hire the talent we needed, and with the attitude, communication and work ethic our project required.

    Ron Black

    CEO at Compu-power

  • Gili Tzabari

    Director of R&D Amaya Gaming

  • Joel Brown

    President and Co-owner at Site 5

  • Android
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • PHP

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