Ruby Developer


  • Ruby , 6 years
  • PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML , 9 years


Ruby on Rails Developer

I have been involved in the Web development and Open Source for about twelve years. Most of that time working with PHP but I moved to Ruby after I tried it for the first time. I love doing clean code and using the best practices on each project I am involved. I enjoy trying new tools and technologies and I am always looking for the best approach to solve the problems. I spend many of the free time learning new languages, frameworks or technologies by my self, looking for the best alternatives for the projects I’m working on. When I’m not programming, I like running, swimming and from time to time, a little of mountain bike. Watch movies; go to the theater and the beach.


Mac OS X, Windows, UNIX, Linux

Ruby, PHP, Python, JavaScript, Perl, CSS, HTML 

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Oracle 

Ruby on Rails, Git, Mercurial, Apache Solr, rSpec, Cucumber, Jira, Bugzilla, jQuery, d3, Mootools, Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Foundation, CoffeeScript, Sass, Less 

Other Skills
Object-oriented Design (OOD), Scrum/Agile Development, Test-driven development (TDD) and Behavior-driven development (BDD)

During the last years I have been involved on very different projects with different teams and I have had the opportunity to learn from very good developers and to share knowledge with my teammates. I have enjoyed the utilizations of clean code and test-driven development on most of the projects and more important: I love what I do and always try to feel proud of my job. 

POSITION: Senior Web Developer 2011 - Present
COMPANY: Independent - Freelance
DESCRIPTION: Worked on different projects on Ruby on Rails and a few on Python/Django. 


Brandscopic: Experiential marketing management software. 

  •  Scrum Master, Lead Developer, Software Architect
  •  Developed with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. 
  •  Agile methodology 
  •  Team of 3 developers 
  •  Solr Search engine for Data indexing
  •  AnglularJS, Bootstrap, d3, jQuery, Select2
  •  TDD, BDD, rSpec, Capybara
  •  Google Places API, Google  Maps
  •  Performance monitoring tools like NewRelic and Skylight
  •  Error monitoring using Errbit, an Airbrake API compliant tool.

PracticeGigs: is a platform that connects aspiring athletes with great entrepreneurially minded tennis players.

  • Ruby On Rails, PostgreSQL, TDD, BDD
  • Designed and built the API backend structure that is used by an iOS application and will later be used for the Android application.
  • I was in charge of setting up all the different environments using Amazon AWS.


  • Ruby On Rails Developer, Neo4j
  • TDD, rSpec, Capybara

I was part of a development team that under the Scrum methodology build a brand new version of the existing application, using the latest technologies like Rails 4, Neo4j, Foundation framework and HTML5 focused on stability and performance. 

Embrane HeleosUI: Embrane heleos is the industry’s first multi-service, distributed software platform for powering software-defined network services, including server load balancers, firewalls, VPN termination and SSL offload.

  •     Leader of the developer team, designed the core structure of the application. 
  •     Developed with Python/Django using Twitter Bootstrap
  •     Agile methodology 
  •     Team of 5 developers 

PCHH: Patient Centered Health Home Accelerator (PCHH) is a site that provides tools and resources for rapid transformation and NCQA recognition.

  •     Ruby On Rails with TDD, Rspec, jQuery, Haml, Sass, Devise and Cancan
  •     Developed under the Agile methodology
  •     Worked with a great team of 3 developers

Sermo: The largest online community, exclusive to physicians. (Was later acquired by WorldOne)

  •     Worked on the development of a new module for managing referrals between physicians. 
  •     Helped with the migration of the applications from Ruby 1.8.7 to Ruby 1.9.3 and from Rails 3.0 to Rails 3.2
  •     Agile/Scrum
  •     TestUnit, Ruby on Rails

 Urbantag: Urbantag allows you to curate and build lists of your favorite places, giving recommendations for where to go or where not to go. Users can then share those lists with friends online or in the app. (Was later acquired by WorldOne)

  •     PHP application with a strong UI developed with pure Javascript making intense use of JavaScript.

 Legacy: Legacy Marketing Partners is a tool for controlling marketing events and analyzing different parameters.

  •     I was in charge of developing new features and maintaining the existing application's functionality.
  •     Migrated the application from Rails 2.3 to Rails 3.2 and introduced the utilization of Rspec.
  •     Redesigned the application and introduced the use of Twitter Bootstrap.
  •     Only developer on the project

POSITION: TEACH LEAD  2009 to 2011
COMPANY: Growth Acceleration Partners
DESCRIPTION: Ruby on Rails and PHP developer using Agile software development. I was in charge of the architecture planning and development of several projects developed under Ruby on Rails and PHP and I also was the ScrumMaster of some projects

ScholarSelect: ScholarSelect is the premier on-line solution for managing the relationship between scholarship, grant, and award providers and their applicants. For the first time, providers can create their own on-line application forms. No programming is required! No more paper applications! No more transcribing applications into spreadsheets! Plus, applicants enjoy the ease-of-use and the peace-of-mind knowing that their applications have been securely submitted.

  •     Ruby on Rails 2 with TDD. 
  •     Maintained and developed new features

COMPANY: SwiftTrade, Toronto, ON, Canada
DESCRIPTION: During this time me and other two guys were I charge of about 50 servers running Solaris. Some of my duties were to install and update the operating system on brand new SUN servers and to keep them secured and optimized for the high bandwidth that they had to handle.

COMPANY: InterNexo
DESCRIPTION: UNIX system administrator.
Email and Webservers management (sendmail, postfix, apache).
DBA (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle).
Web development (PHP, Perl, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS).

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 2003 ULATINA UNIVERSITY, San Jose, Costa Rica

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