Sr. Software Engineer


  • C/C++/STL, 8 years of experience
  • GPGPU programming, 6 years of experience
  • C#, 6 years of experience
  • Objective-C, 6 years of experience


Key competencies: Algorithm research, Embedded systems development, Linux and kernel development, Linux drivers development/customization and system programming, Parallel programming, Porting the applications to another OS platforms. 

Programming in C/C++/STL, C#, Objective-C, TCL, SQL, CUDA, QT, GPGPU programming (NVIDIA/CUDA, ATI/Brooks+, OpenCL), OpenCL, NVIDIA CUDA, ATI CAL/BROOKS, multi-core/many-core fabrics (NUMA). Project Management Skills.

Personal Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Armenian
Date of Birth: 13 November 1989
Place of Birth: Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Spoken languages: Armenian (native), Russian (fluent), English (fluent)
Personal Skills
- Sense of responsibility and time management
- Demonstration of innovative and creative approaches
- Ability to work under pressure
- Ability to learn and understand novelties. Swift learner
- Good communication skills, Team Oriented

Work Experience
2012 – 2015 "Managing Innovation & Technology" (Consulting/Contract)
Sr. Research & Product Development:
- Research New Technologies to develop products
- Research and Development strategies
- Improvement existing products and processes Responsible for the design, development and maintenance of software applications that support our client's internal and external operations. Summary of tools, libraries and technologies: OOP/OOD, C/C++, C#, PL/SQL, T-SQL, XML, MinGW, Git, Visual Studio.

2012 – Present "Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Armenia"
Scientific Researcher

2011 – 2012 "Innovative Scheduling" Inc.
Research & Development of optimization engine to solve very complex decision problem (optimal service network planning problem) within the Truckline Network Planning System (TNPS) which is an interactive system that allows service planners to develop and maintain an optimal service network and enables the users to identify opportunities for cost reduction through changes to the linehaul schedule. Used C#/C++, SQL, Parallel Programming, Mathematical Optimization. Design and development of generic web-based decision support systems (for network planning, railroad blocking and train scheduling optimizer) framework modules and web user controls. Used C#/C++, ASP.NET MVC, Telerik, Javascript, SQL. Development of Innovative Railroad Blocking Optimizer tool for R+L, which creates an optimized blocking plan for a railroad, which decides the handling and movement plan of railcars in the railroad. Parallelization of the back-end part. Used C#/C++, .NET TPL, Parallel programming.

2010 – 2011 "Macadamian AR"
CJSC Implementation and enhancement of VoIP (SIP, RTP, Audio/Video codec) software components. Analysis, investigation and bug fixing. Used C++/STL and MFC. Ported WinZip application to Mac OSX (10.5 and 10.6 OS versions). Used C++/Objective-C and Apple’s Carbon/Cocoa (CoreData, CoreAudio, CoreServices, CoreFoundation) application frameworks.

2007 – 2010 "INSTIGATE"
CJSC Development of Instigate proprietary ESL design environment. Used C++/STL. Development of bit/clock accurate simulator for reconfigurable massive parallel hardware fabric. Work was done using C++ programming language/STL. Development of TCP socket based server and client (driving/debugging capabilities) for simulation environment. Work was done using C++/STL and POSIX sockets API. Design and implementation of DSP algorithms on massive parallel architecture. Development of linear and nonlinear mathematical optimization solver.

Project Management Experience
- Team leader
– head of a 3-5 programmers development team
- Analyze system requirements and change requests in direct contact with the German customers
- Participation in design sessions and making technical decision
- Organize and allocate tasks and meet project deadlines
- Providing time based estimates for software products development and implementations according to specifications

2009 – 2012 National Academy of Sciences of the RA Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems PhD in the field of Mathematics & Computer Science. Thesis “The modelling of 3D spin glasses taking into account the relaxation of the system in external field”

2007 - 2009 Yerevan State University Master of Science in the field of Informatics and Applied Mathematics Performed thesis work "About generalized inversion of the matrices of particular type" Received diploma of honor. Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, “Synopsys” group at YSU Major: Discrete Mathematics 

2006 - 2009 "Synopsys" group at Yerevan State University 2003 - 2007 Yerevan State University Bachelor of Science in the field of Informatics and Applied Mathematics Performed diploma work "The estimation of high degree energy for the decision of the first boundary problem for the hyperbolic equations" Received diploma of honor. Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, “Synopsys” group at YSU

Participated Internships
2006 - CQG 2005 - Instigate CJSC

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