We headhunt globally for exceptional full-time remote talent that matches your company’s core values and culture.

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Offering full-time remote positions is how we entice qualified people from established companies to leave their jobs and join your team.

Better people, better value.

You get the best in the world, no compromises. Saving up to 60% is a mere side-effect.

As tested by SCIENCE!

Studies show that remote employees are more engaged with their work and work longer hours.

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The world’s best talent, for you.

Our remote employees act just like your other employees – they simply work from another building. 

Still not sure why our clients love us?

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DJ is just phenomenal. They find amazing candidates, they make hiring extraordinary devs easy. Think of it as having a top recruiter, HR and payroll departments in dozens of countries, without lifting a finger.

Éric St-Jean
VP of Engineering

“Working with DistantJob made everything about recruiting a highly technical employee easier and cost-effective.”

Stuart Dow
Managing Director
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“[The remote developers presented by DistantJob] delivered a caliber of quality, skill and technical expertise, beyond my best expectations, far exceeding our local team members.”

Gili Tzabari
Director of R&D

“DistantJob is great for helping you find technical folks especially when your local area doesn’t have the right pool of talent for the job.”

Joel Brown
President and co-owner
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“Hiring through DistantJob (...) surpassed my expectations. I had no opinion before, neither for [remote work] or against, but this experience definitely put it on the radar for me.”

David Vines
Operations Manager
Surgent Professional Education

“We have 3 employees from DistantJob right now. Phenomenal. For the dollar value that we are spending, we are far ahead of what we would find locally or offshore.”

Matt Bricker
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“I can easily say that I've never worked with a more dedicated, patient, and productive developer. DistantJob made the remote engagement painless. Win-win!”

Erich Greenebaum

"Our hire has fit in well. He has gone out of his way to be helpful to everyone, is very talented and a great addition to our team! I was impressed with how quickly he came up to speed and exceeded expectations. He earned the trust of our tech team, and we will be expanding his role in our business."

Todd Tolly


Describe your dream employee.

We help you figure out exactly who you need and which skills benefit your business.

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Our recruiters filter for skill & cultural fit. You’ll hire within 3 – 4 interviews.

Hire with no fuss.

Payments, contracts, integration with your team – you HATE IT, we HANDLE IT.

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