The Ultimate Guide to Mobile World Congress Americas 2018

The Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 is taking place on September 12th – 14th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The most influential people in the mobile industry will be attending. Here’s our guide to help you prepare and make the most of your time at the MWCA18. And DistantJob is giving away awesome free prizes. Read on to find out how you can score some great giveaways.

Everyone who is anyone in the world of mobile will be attending the second annual Mobile World Congress Americas 2018, happening in Los Angeles from September 12th – 14th. Taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), the MWC Americas is projected to have over 25,000 attendees this year.

And if this is your industry, you should be there too. Because in the span of just 72 hours you’ll have the scope to learn about the latest innovations in the mobile industry…Network with the top influencers in the field…And meet with 1000+ exhibitors from 110 different countries.

You in? If so, look us up because we’re giving away some pretty impressive stuff. But before we get to that, here’s how to get ready for the MWCA18.


Everything You Need To Know If You Are Going To MWCA 2018

  • Download and signup with the MWCA Event app – This is where you’ll get all the latest info on the talks, exhibitors, maps, and FAQs. With 1000+ exhibitors and 200+speakers, you’ll want to pre-schedule meetings to make the most of your time.
  • Plan your own MWCA Calendar –Mobile World Congress is jam-packed with opportunities. Unless you have the ability to be in multiple places at once, you need to prioritize which events/conferences/pavilions to visit. Whether it’s 5G or IoT or mobile innovations or policies, choose the events based on your interests.
  • Prepare your elevator pitch, and then some – Age-old plans and dreams can all come to fruition at the largest gathering in the mobile industry. But only if you meet the right person and say the right things. So prepare your elevator pitch, get ready to answer questions about your product/service, note down essential ideas/to-do’s/contact info, and remember to get in touch with your connections soon after the event.
  • Attend the MWC Americas Welcome Event – Taking place on Wednesday, September 12th from 4:30 pm onwards, this event is where you can rub elbows with mobile industry champions over cocktails and crudités. It’ll take place in the MWC Americas Networking Garden and is first-come, first served. So get there early.
  • Network like your business depends on it – Frankly, it probably does. Making meaningful connections is where attending MWCA18 really pays off. In addition to three Networking Lounges, there’ll be specific networking events and places where you can meet your connections tête-à-tête.


Ten Companies You Must Visit at MWCA 2018

  1.  Circle – You can manage all your family’s smart devices in one go with the Circle app. In other words, it’s the app that makes digital-parenting a breeze. For turning a simple idea into something no parent should be without, we want to meet these innovators.
  2. FutureDial – They provide solutions that help scale-up and manage wireless and IT assets in retail and warehousing. This Company bears testament to how enormous the mobile industry is and how significantly it can streamline business efficiencies. An idea close to DistantJob and we’d love to learn more about it.
  3. Pega – With products like a CRM application that enables 1:1 marketing automation, co-browsing, omnichannel customer service – they’re turning customer engagement and digital process automation on its head. With their products, any marketing department can become hyper-real and entirely remote. Naturally, we’re fans.
  4. Adtran – A stalwart in providing network and communications equipment, they’re laying the groundwork of what’s possible in wireless, broadband, and mobile – quite literally. Thanks to their work, businesses have the means to become distributed and to scale-up without incurring extra costs.
  5. ASOCS – They offer on-premise, 5G-ready mobile clouds, such as Cyrus that provides businesses with unlimited mobile connectivity. This translates to improved productivity, better insights, and increased revenues for businesses. Thanks to this Company, any enterprise can become mobile.
  6. PoLTE – Their location technologies beat anything GPS could ever offer. From tracking the heart rate of a birthing animal on a farm to tracking the inside temperatures of refrigerated containers aboard a ship, PoLTE opens up the doors for endless applications. We couldn’t be more excited to meet them at MWCA18.
  7. Netcracker – Be it IoT device management, cloud enablement, or real-time personalization, Netcracker has a flurry of solutions that help companies become truly mobile. But their 5G Monetization solution will help businesses transition from 4G to 5G seamlessly. And since that’s where mobile is headed, we’re looking forward to learning more.
  8. OpenTrends – They provide businesses with the means to implement new services in mobile…Develop prototypes in lightning speed so that they can implement the most viable ones. The potential of user-facing apps and services become limitless because of their innovations. We certainly want to meet with these mobile storytellers.
  9. Jacs Solutions – This company provides customized, enterprise-grade smart devices and solutions. Their end-to-end remote mobile device management solution is enabling seamless mobile workflow in every rank within an enterprise. Obviously, we’re going to meet with them at the MWC Americas.
  10. SemTech – Mobile wouldn’t flourish as quickly as it did without advancements in optical data transport, power management, circuit protection, touch sensing…And SemTech is the semiconductor company that has made all that happen. We can’t wait to meet them.


There are many, many more exhibitors. DistantJob is one of them. And you should definitely stop by our booth in the West Pavillion – look for number 1616!

One of the most important changes mobile technology has enabled and simplified is remote work. As more innovations and changes come to pass, virtual teams working together from across the globe will become an ever-increasing reality.

DistantJob is here to help you navigate those imminent changes. Whether you’re hiring your first remote worker ever or want to transition into becoming a virtual company, we’re here to help. So come down to our booth and have a chat.

Plus, we’ve decided to sweeten the pot. Everyone who signs up with us gets a $500 discount on their first hires! And if you happen to be hiring your first ever remote employee with us—(*cue Oprah voice)—you get a free telepresence robot! We’ve been having way too much fun with these and want to spread the joy.

So if you want a free telepresence robot, a $500 discount, and want to learn more about what the future mobile workplace will look like and how it’ll benefit you, stop by Booth No. 1616 during the Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 at the LACC. So click here to book a meeting at our booth, and we’ll get back to you right away.

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