What is Telecommuting

You might have heard that telecommuting can make both employees and employers happier because of its numerous benefits, but exactly what is telecommuting? Essentially, it’s when an employee works from outside of the office. This could be at home in their silk pajamas, on the other side of the world, or just in a coffee […]

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3 Quick Tips to Keep up the Morale of your Remote Troops

Telecommuting, work from home, remote work, distributed workforce: these are keywords that sum up the latest workforce revolution. A complex transformation that allows for more flexibility and efficiency within organizations. However, while enjoying the benefits of reduced overheads, managers must also find the appropriate employee motivation patterns to apply to their distributed teams. Motivation goes […]

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Is a Virtual Reality Headset the Next Major Tool for Remote Workers?

Here at Distant Job, we’re huge geeks. Our founder Sharon often worries – a totally unwarranted worry, of course! – that when Virtual Reality headsets get good enough, we’ll stop showing up for work and spend the rest of our lives inside Star Wars light-saber duel simulators.   (there is absolutely 0% chance of this […]

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How To Set Up Your Internet To Ensure a Smooth Agile Video Conferencing Experience

Meetings are an important part of running a business.  But when meetings start having too many hiccups, people will start pushing to have less of them. So if your remote employees’ video feed keeps breaking up during, for example, a daily Agile meeting, people will get annoyed, and might even start suggesting you cut the […]

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