Top 10 Remote Workers from Film and TV

The Best in the Biz: The Top 10 Best Remote Workers in Film and Tv

Like the bread I just stuck in my oven, the employment of remote workers is on the rise. According to The New York Times, out of 15,000 adults polled, 43% spent time working remotely throughout that year. With technology consistently getting better and faster, more people are finding that they have access to jobs that, […]

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surgent professional education

Testimonial – From Remote Developer at Surgent to Managing An Entire Remote Team

Surgent Professional Education is the largest independent provider of continuing education for CPAs and other financial professionals in the U.S. Surgent aims to serve as the most reliable and trustworthy source of the practical and timely information that tax and financial professionals need to excel professionally. Deciding to bring the development team in-house, and already […]

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How NextGen Gaming Evaluates and Motivates Their Mixed Local & Remote Team

NextGen Gaming Studios is an up-and-coming video game developer that has been making waves with their episodic action/horror game, Something In The Dark. Recently greenlit on the Steam market, the game is a product of a team where some people work locally, but most work from home. We’ve chatted with NextGen owner and lead programmer […]

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Animus Interactive’s Solution To Agile VS Waterfall In Remote Work

If there’s a market where remote work needs proving, it’s in the competitive video game development industry. The folks at video game developer Animus Interactive took up the gauntlet. They built themselves up as a complete remote virtual team. And they were kind enough to talk to us and take us through their full process. […]

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3 Measures Groove Took To Avoid Burnout in Their Remote Team

Groove’s a unique proposal in the help desk software space. The market is full of expensive solutions crafted for  huge companies.  Groove founder and CEO Alex Turnbull decided to take a different path. He decided that his company would be about serving small companies. Companies that had no use for enterprise-level software but had outgrown […]

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Buffer’s Unique Approach to Feedback and Coaching Remote Employees

Buffer is one of the remote companies that get more job applications per month, and with good reason. The company is fully transparent with the way it operates. It freely shares the way in which it manages its remote employees. And it’s clearly an heavenly place to work at. In fact, we could write a […]

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4 Ways in Which Chargify Rewards Their Remote Team

If your business happens in the web, you need a sure-fire way for your customers to pay you. It needs to be free from hassle, easy to use, and reliable. Chargify has got you covered. And… You’ve guessed it! Remote teams drive it. Remote developers create its software. Remote workers are the backbone of the […]

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5 Rules Hubstaff Uses For Productive Remote Meetings

Hubstaff is a remote company in every sense of the word, and built to help the remote revolution. Ever since it was founded in 2012, Hubstaff has been developing a cutting edge platform to manage remote employees. Not everyone agrees with how far this kind of software should go in monitoring employees. But the fact remains […]

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Hiring a Remote JavaScript Developer: Benchmark’s Success Story

The story of the small company that could is almost a cliché, but Benchmark is one of those companies. It started as a single-desk operation with a simple motto: “not just delivered, received”. This, and their commitment to user experience, made them into a global player. Yet the company’s fast growth and international expansion was […]

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5 Tactics Help Scout Uses To Onboard and Engage Remote Workers

Customer services are a tricky matter since it can single-handedly make or break a company when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Consider the example of Help Scout. They’ve helped over 7,000 businesses manage customer support with leading edge tools. We’re talking about major industry players like Basecamp, Buffer, Treehouse, Trello and others. Help […]

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