Running Remote 2019 – The 3 Participants You Must See

Two days in Bali's Running Remote conference aren't nearly enough to see all the great speakers and meet all the cool partners. Here's the three you can't afford to miss.

Running Remote 2019—the world’s largest conference for remote work—is taking place in Bali, Indonesia during June 29th and 30th.

This gathering of who’s who of the remote work industry will see speakers from companies like Shopify, Doist, Dribble, and rLoop.

Of course, you can count on the world’s best remote recruitment agency to be involved. DistantJob is a community sponsor of Running Remote 2019. And if you are going (as we think you should) use this link to get a 20% off the ticket price. Remember to use the promo code “distantjob”.

And if you run into DistantJob’s Vice-President Rustam Ahverdiev during the conference, or set up a meeting with him by mailing us at , he’ll have something nice for you! (Tell him the password: “Ken sent me.”

In our Ultimate Guide, we gave you the details of the conference and everything you need to know when traveling to Bali, Indonesia.

In this article, we’ll help you make the most of your time in Running Remote Bali.

As 300+ attendees from all over the world gather in Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort for the remote conference, we want to help you make the most of your two days.

So, we’re narrowing that list to just three companies attending Running Remote that you should see.

An important feature that these three companies/individuals have in common is that all of them, in their previous careers, worked in brick-and-mortar businesses. They saw the pitfalls and limitations of the traditional construct. And chose to work at or found companies that were fully-remote or remote-forward. 

Attending Running Remote 2019 promises a lot of things – new ideas about running your virtual teams, scaling up your existing remote business, opportunities to network with like-minded entrepreneurs. But the biggest promise is the inspiration it can give you to break boundaries in your own business and embrace remote work as the best way of working.

Mixergy at Running Remote Bali, Indonesia

If you’re truly looking for inspiration that will match your remote-business ambitions, then you’ve got to meet with Andrew Warner at Running Remote 2019.

Mixergy started as Andrew’s passion project in 2004. As someone who had built a multi-million dollar company, Bradford & Reed, he wanted to mentor other businesses.

Today it has evolved as a learning platform that teaches entrepreneurs who are passionate about their own business. By sharing powerful business stories from founders of companies like Wikipedia, LinkedIn, the Corcoran Group, Andrew inspires other startups to grow their businesses. Andrew has interviewed 600+ such leaders.

Mixergy also has numerous courses that lay out the blueprint for various business processes, such as:

  • Building a sales funnel
  • Getting traffic
  • Starting a business

Andrew is a keynote speaker at this year’s Running Remote. He will be sharing his insights about how to scale your remote team during the second day of the conference.

The insights he has gathered over the years of not only building and growing his own business but from interviewing successful business leaders will surely be an impactful part of the remote conference.

If you want more insights, you should meet with him during the conference networking sessions.

But if you’re passionate about growing your remote business, you should consider one-on-one coaching with Andrew. He is one of the ten mentors at the Mastermind portion of the conference. It is an invite-only, two-day mentoring session immediately following the main conference.

Being coached by Andrew Warner could give you radical ideas to scale your business. That’s why Mixergy is one of our top three participants to see at Running Remote 2019.

HotJar at Running Remote Bali, Indonesia

We’re big fans of HotJar, not least because they’ve always been a fully-remote company. Its co-founder, David Darmanin, says remote work gives you “the ability to hire the best people from anywhere in the world”. We couldn’t agree more.

David co-founded HotJar in 2014 to give businesses more insights into their customer behavior.

HotJar is a tool that uses recorded sessions, mouse movements, and heatmaps to reveal how your consumer is interacting with your product. This feedback will help you see which features of your design is problematic and let you correct them.

Representing HotJar at Running Remote 2019 is their VP of Operations, Ken Weary. He is also one of the speakers here.

(No, he’s not the Ken who you need to tell Rustam about)

Ken has been with HotJar since 2016. Before that, he held numerous leadership positions in traditional companies, like Director of Project Management at Liberty Mutual.

Ken epitomizes the true essence of remote work. He is a digital nomad. He has been traveling the globe with his family for the past five years.

Yes! The Vice President of Operations of HotJar is a longstanding digital nomad, fully capable of running the business while fulfilling his personal goals.

This combination of nomadic-leadership life is perhaps even more striking when you consider his role in Liberty Mutual. He worked out of Seattle, Washington with traditional teams. He led 100+ business and IT managers and directed IT expenditures worth more than $180M annually.

As impressive as that is, Ken became a remote work convert. Hearing from him about how he made this transition may give you the push you need to move forward with your remote team plans.

A conference like Running Remote is all about what ideas you can take away from it and how you can implement them in your own business. If you’ve been on the fence about investing more in remote work, then listening to him might help you embrace it for good. And so, we’ve chosen HotJar as one of our top companies to network with at Running Remote.

Continu at Running Remote Bali, Indonesia

There are tools without which remote work would be a lot less fun (and efficient). Continu is one of those tools.

Continu is an online learning platform companies use to centralize all their content, from onboarding processes to just-in-time learning to webinars and events.

Onboarding newly-hired remote employees may be a concern you have. But a tool like Continu will help you get rid of legacy systems and centralize your company courses. So no matter your remote employees’ whereabouts, they can access specific educational materials based on their roles and departments.

The tool is also interactive and provides insights into employee progress through tests and quizzes. So not only can you gauge their progress, you can help them along the way.

Founded in 2013, Continu is semi-remote. They’re based in San Francisco but have a laissez-faire attitude to where their employees work from.

And just like DistantJob, they’re a Community Sponsor at the Running Remote Conference in Bali.

Meeting with the reps from a company like Continu would be a good opportunity to clarify how to implement traditional processes in a remote environment. And thus, overcome fears about whether remote work can become sustainable long-term. That’s why Continu is one of our top three picks.

Remote work is not a fleeting wave. Nor is it selective – it’s not just for a certain kind of people or jobs or industries. It’s pervasive.

A conference like Running Remote 2019 that will host 300+ attendees who represent all industries, companies of various sizes and structures, and different leadership positions prove that.

This conference is your chance to learn from and network with these like-minded entrepreneurs who’ve experienced the problems and benefits of remote work. It’s your chance to understand why you should adopt remote work and how to do so knowingly.

Avail yourself of our 20% discount when you purchase your ticket when you use the promo code “distantjob”. Of course, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. 

And if you run into DistantJob’s Vice-President Rustam Ahverdiev during the conference, or set up a meeting with him by mailing us at , he’ll have something nice for you! (Tell him the password: “Ken sent me.”

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