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Everything You Need To Know When Attending Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit East 2018
Affiliate Summit East is happening in the Big Apple this July, and all our favorite people (and companies!) will be there. Are you going to join us and thousands of others in one of the best conferences of the season? Whether you're an Affiliate Summit veteran, or it's your first time at the show, what you have before you are our best tips and insights on how to make the most out of your ASE18 experience.

Affiliate Summit East is happening in the Big Apple this July, and all our favorite people (and companies!) will be there. Are you going to join us and thousands of others in one of the best conferences of the season? Whether you’re an Affiliate Summit veteran, or it’s your first time at the show, what you have before you are our best tips and insights on how to make the most out of your ASE18 experience.

Before Attending

  1. Sign Up With The Affiliate Summit Web App – The app gives you all the insider information about attendees, exhibitors, and speakers. You can search for exhibitors by your interests. Make a note of their booth numbers so you can easily find them. It also lets you plan out your agenda for the conference and set up meetings with attendees. Use this great feature to save yourself a spot at the meeting tables before they’re all booked up.
  2. Map Out Your Conference – If you want to make the most of your efforts at the ASE18, you have to plan and organize your three days here. Top-level decision makers and influencers will be attending the conference from 70+ countries. You cannot network with everyone. But the people you meet with should be relevant to your specific goals – what are your top priorities: content, traffic, resources, technology? Think about that and the people that can help with those goals. Then list the people you should absolutely meet with and events you must attend.
  3. Prepare For Your Meetings And Events –There’s no point meeting face-to-face with your dream affiliate partners only to fumble in front of them. What’s your USP, how can you help, why should they partner with you? Have answers on the tip of your tongue.

At the ASE18

  1. Orientation – If it’s your first time at the Affiliate Summit, plan on attending the Orientation on July 29th at 9:30 am. This short session will give you the lay of the land, whom to ask for help, and how to make the most of your networking.
  2. Meet Market – Starting at 12 pm on 29th of July you’ll have access to three trade show spaces replete with exhibitors, speakers, decision makers, merchants, vendors, marketers. You know all the prep work you did before attending? The Meet Market is where it pays off. Be methodical, stay organized, and keep your cool as you make your rounds meeting the movers-and-shakers of your industry.
  3. Gear Up – As you can imagine, the ASE18 covers extensive grounds. Literally. So prepare for the walk, wear comfortable clothing and shoes, stay hydrated, have paper and pen handy because it’s all too easy to forget something important when you’re meeting hundreds of people. If you’re handing out something like business cards, make sure you have plenty and keep them handy.
  4. Make the most of it – An event like the Affiliate Summit can change the face of your business, so make the most of it. Attend as many panels as you can, check your sessions in advance and plan accordingly. Most events require you to RSVP, watch out for when those links open. As yet three official sub-events have been announced: Awin + ShareASale Party, Affiliate Ball, and Exhibit Hall Networking Pub Crawl. We’ll keep you posted of new events as they become available – follow us on Twitter @DistantJob and don’t miss a beat!
Affiliate Summit East 2018
Make sure you pack everything you might need!

Top Companies to Check Out at ASE18

  1. BAMTECH Media – A company that works hard to improve the baseball fan’s experience. Their solutions and technology have made being a sports fan a more thrilling experience. Yeah! We love them and are very excited to meet them.
  2. DraftKings – They make the fantasy sports life all too real. Daily and weekly fantasy sports contests across ten professional sports from seven countries and a newly launched Fantasy Tennis – if you’re a sports fan, you’ve got to meet them.
  3. – What distinguishes them from other advertisers of ASE18 is their end-to-end knowledge of online marketing. They know exactly how to get you that clickthrough, and we couldn’t love them more.
  4. Digg – With their curated stories and valuable content, they’re fast becoming an NY icon. Don’t miss out on the chance to catch up with them.
  5. Ethoca You may know them as the company that disrupted the e-commerce industry in 2011. We feel a strange connection to them. Why is that? It may be because both Ethoca and DistantJob are Canadian. Or perhaps because they managed to stop fraud and chargebacks before they happened…way back in the day. We say, RESPECT.
  6. Invoca – As a marketer, you have to stay ahead of the curve. And with products like Voice Marketing Cloud to which marketers can inject call intelligence into their existing technology stack – Invoca is the one who can help step up your game.
  7. Mediavo – Masters of innovation and technology, Mediavo is ruling the digital marketing world. With significant changes – like Matt Hoggatt newly coming on board – there’ll be a lot of new things to come from this company. Better pre-book your meeting with them.
  8. National Debt Relief – With a very compassionate team, they provide a valuable service: they help consumers pay off debt as fast as possible. It would be an honor to meet them.
  9. Prodege – Heard of Swagbucks? Well, the company behind that famous face is Prodege. They also operate MyPoints and Shopathome, MyGiftCardsPlus and ProdegeMR. Named 2016 Best Place to Work in Los Angeles, we are super-excited to meet them in NYC.
  10. – Everyone loves samples! That’s why you should put on your scouting list. An advertiser’s dream, they customize each user’s onsite journey using their proprietary, question-based workflow technology and provide sophisticated, targeted solutions.
  11. TicketNetwork Tickets to concerts, sports, and theater events around the country and the world, TicketNetwork® Point-of-Sale is the leading innovative software platform in the secondary ticket industry. They are among the top secure sites for event tickets. You absolutely need to meet them if you’re in event planning.
  12. – Last, but by no means least, we’ll be there! Not to toot our own horn, but if you’re in tech recruitment, you need to see us. We specialize in finding top talent from across the globe faster, better, and with fewer costs. If you want to meet us at ASE18, email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you soon!

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Ria Ghose

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