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Low-Code Platforms To Use in 2022

Low-code platforms allow users to build complete and complex applications by incorporating modern user interfaces and data as opposed to writing thousands of lines of […]

Product Manager vs. Scrum Master vs. Product Owner: Key Differences 

With technology evolving at high speed, more companies are embracing the Agile Product Development roles to organize and successfully launch new products. These roles often […]

What Is Data Engineering And Why Does It Matter?

Data engineering is an important field that focuses on data gathering, curation, and collection. Data is the backbone of industries and businesses, both big and […]

Python vs Django: Which Framework To Use?

Choosing a programming language for your product is a big challenge. You’re often indecisive due to the high number of programming languages in the market […]

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You live, breathe and eat code, and have fun figuring out how to solve problems. And you love living in South America or Eastern Europe. But you don’t feel as fulfilled as your friends in North America.