Mistakes You Should Avoid When Hiring and Managing Employees

These days, it is common for employees to work from home and for companies to hire remote workers. There is no real difference to where an employee works. There are however many benefits to hiring professionals that are remote workers. These benefits are becoming ever more enticing.

One of the better benefits is the fact that a company can save quite a decent amount of money. Real estate costs are much lower as are the usual overheads. This is because office supplies, technology, electricity, furniture and other items or services a company provides its employees are not required. Hired professionals do not need to commute and are not limited to specific working hours. Studies have shown that employees are more productive when working from the comfort of their home. They are also more open to working longer hours or overtime.

Since this type of work has increased, so has the number of potential employees. It has opened up the world for talented individuals to join any company. Companies, however, must be careful about the kind of candidates they select. It’s evident that there are risks involved when you hire an individual to work for you or your organization. To ensure you hire the best candidate, you must avoid making mistakes that even well-established companies are at risk of making.


Mistake 1. Hiring Based on Convenience, Limited Facts and Face Value

Anyone can present a professional profile showcasing their work and technology as samples. The quality of their work, who they are and how they conduct business is essential. It is imperative that you hold an intensive interview and assessment process.

An assessment should cover their ability to produce quality work and meet deadlines. Completely understanding their working habits, how efficiently they fulfill their tasks and how well they communicate is however vital. Face to face interviews and having a formulated plan as to what questions to ask is crucial. Regardless of where in the world they are.

A paid trial assessment period of work is better than offering long-term employment. After a month or so you can make a final assessment and provide a permanent position. Their performance during this trial period will then give you a clear understanding of the employee’s dedication and willingness to work.


Mistake 2. Relying Heavily on Time Tracking Applications

It isn’t possible to watch all your employees throughout the day. Employees will, at times, relax and gossip among themselves instead of working. This is common to see at all corporate establishments. For your employees to work better, its necessary for them to take a break once in a while. Thus, breathing down their necks all the time isn’t going to be productive.

Tracking a remote worker’s every movement through a time monitoring application isn’t the best option either. There are a few potential benefits of having an employee’s activities tracked. These include the fact that payments are hassle free and straightforward. It is, however, possible for them to cheat the system with their technical know-how. This is where the importance of having an employee who is trustworthy, dedicated, hardworking and efficient comes in and why an intensive interview process is so valuable.


Mistake 3. Micromanaging

Building a stable professional relationship comes from not micromanaging the employee. Micromanaging them might come across as though they are not trusted. If you don’t trust them, they may not be the right people for the job. Define clear boundaries about when to communicate and when to leave them alone.

But, don’t entirely leave them to their own devices and forget they are part of the team. This may very well lead to miscommunication and less productivity on both ends.  


Mistake 4. Not Having Effective Communication

Communication is vital. It isn’t always workable to only communicate via email, telephone or text services. It doesn’t have to be daily but, face to face conversations should occur. Both parties then have a chance to communicate in a personal setting. This is most effective for a comprehensive catching up session. Communicating updates and related information through email, telephone or text services is acceptable.

Face to face calls are a great way to understand each other better if any issues have arisen. They are also helpful if there is a language barrier.


Mistake 5. Forgetting Teamwork

Teamwork is critical for a corporation to run in a smooth and productive manner. Segregating employees and departments based on hierarchy might appeal to you. It isn’t always a good idea. Individuals from different sectors who come together offer varied perspectives on an issue. This paves the way for a greater workforce.

In the same way, you should think twice before excluding a member of the team who works from home. Remote workers are distant but they shouldn’t be regarded as outsiders. They should rather be an integral part of the team and included in your company’s growth, ideals, and goals.

An employee who feels at home and a part of the team is more inclined to value their work and what they do for you. These employees are serious about their careers and have hopes for growth opportunities. You should provide these opportunities for them to better their skills and advance.


Mistake 6. Not Taking into Account Time Zone and Cultural Differences

Never pass on a talented individual because they are in another time zone. Cultural differences should also not be an issue. Having the opportunity to hire great talent is far more valuable.

Technology gives us immediate communication and easy contact. If the person speaks another language, there are opportunities to have a productive and well understood professional relationship. Companies in developed countries like the U.S have the extra benefit of paying lower rates because employees hired in their own countries tend to cost more. Lower rates are paid without compromising the quality of work.


Hire the Best Remote Workers Worldwide

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