The Importance of Giving Telecommuters Daily Recognition


Recognition is important for job satisfaction.

Just as having regular contact with in-house employees is important for the success of a business, keeping in regular contact with workers who telecommute is also just as  important if not more so. By giving daily recognition to remote workers, a manager ensures that they feel just as part of the team as all his local employees, and is interested in them as individuals. This can result in harder working, more dedicated employees because it gives them a sense of belonging, loyalty and general validation that they making a valuable contribution to the company and are an integral part of the team. Here are a few tips on how offering daily recognition to telecommuters can make the process effective and long-lasting.

Business Relationships

All successful business owners and managers know that maintaining a personable relationship with employees is important for worker satisfaction and building trust. This is also true when relating to remote workers. It's been shown, that telecommuters who have regular and easy communication with an employer, team manager and other employees will naturally feel like a part of the team; and thus produce better, faster work when given the chance to communicate openly on a daily basis. A study conducted by MIT confirmed that teams that treat remote workers as though they worked in-house saw significant results and became an important part of the teamwork's success.

Collaborating Through Technology

Using appropriate software and technology to stay in touch with remote workers by video conferencing, Skype, chat and any other method of real time communication, all contribute to nurturing a strong sense of team building and company culture. Remote workers who have daily, casual conversations with other team members and colleagues through any of these means not only boost their self worth, but foster motivation and satisfaction within the company ranks. This then leads to greater results and improvements in their work performance and productivity.

Assigning a Mentor

Assigning a mentor to remote workers who is familiar with the type of work they are responsible for as well as the nature of remote work in general can go a long way in assuring their integration and motivation. This gives the telecommuter an individual to connect with on both a work and personal level, someone they can rely on, collaborate with and seek guidance from when needed, either on their projects, work or even personal situations, like you would with close work teammates. 

Creating a Virtual Chat Room

Casual conversations can foster camaraderie among employees and develop trust and a sense of belonging. Although gathering around the water cooler or coffee machine is possible in an office, a good alternative for telecommuters is to have a virtual chat room where employees can talk and share ideas. Other companies choose to have weekly webcam informal sessions with employees. In this way, they can share information about their lives, their interests, their families and so on, so all workers get to know their remote counterparts as individuals not just remote workers. In these types of informal sessions, all workers can also share the skills he or she possesses, what they aspire to and respond to any questions from all other team members. By fostering casual conversation between employees and managers, employees can bond and feel that personal relationship with both their managers and other colleagues.

Keeping the lines of communication open is as important with remote workers as it is with employees in the office, as is hiring the right remote worker for the job. Distant Job has a global database of talented, experienced remote workers who can tackle any project and see it to completion while producing creative and highly skilled work in a timely and effective manner. To help you find the right, motivated remote workers for your teams or projects, contact DistantJob.

Online capabilities and connectivity have brought flexible workforces to the forefront of the recruitment industry. IT and software development companies now have access to global talent pools of highly qualified potential candidates. Global hires offset costs and lets you take advantage of top international talent – if it’s done properly.

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