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When you have a great team, you can make great things happen! And when you have a great designer on the team those allegedly cheesy phrases just come to life to make great things even better. So cheese aside, we’re looking to hire a creative person who has the skill and experience to translate concepts into powerful, easy to use and professional visuals, both for our website redesign project and for our marketing efforts. 


You’ve probably heard the saying “an image is worth 1000 words.” Well, so far, no artist has managed to create the image equivalent of our words. And that’s a problem because we have a lot of words and we want to replace them with images! We need someone that is an expert in taking abstract concepts and ideas and making them into images so clear and vivid that the viewer's brain thinks they are moving.


Are you still reading? Good! Because here are the requirements for the role:


  • At least 3 years of experience designing professional websites, banners, promotional content, and other relevant design experience
  • Training in UI/UX (Preferably experience using that training that we can see in your portfolio)
  • You most likely already know which software you will need to be able to use to deliver the content you create in both vector and web-ready formats. What do you want to use and why?


We expect this work to have responsibilities like:

  • Attend a weekly marketing standup and set your priorities for the weekly
  • Discuss with the team the best approach for your work and gather what information you need to do a great job. Don’t expect to be told everything you need to do. Expect to do your research based on direction & ideas.
  • Work on ongoing website redesign
  • Help design beautiful, intuitive, user-friendly apps


This is a fully remote role for a company that has experience managing distributed teams.

We are a team of skilled professionals who have a great time while achieving our goals and if that sounds like you then send over your application and let’s talk!

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