Virtual Assistant

Are you the Jedi with a strong connection to the Force that can feel approaching dangers before they appear on the horizon? Are you a natural communicator in both written and verbal English and Russian? Are you able to figure out the optimal solutions for the problem shot at you, both technical and interpersonal? Do you know how to do fast research and find the best deals on anything, including flights, computer hardware, or motorcycle parts in the middle of the Sahara desert, and able to do it fast and precisely? In other words, tasks don't happen to you, but you happen to them no matter how complex they are. You have a good sense of humor, patience, extreme attention to detail, and personal responsibility for your work.

We have a job for you if you choose to accept this mission! We are trying to revolutionize how the world sees and treats remote employees. Our COO needs your help to free extra time and hands for his mind-blowing ideas and plans to liberate the work-from-home world.

Here's what you'll be doing:

Setting up meetings, making sure they happen flawlessly;

Booking flights for him (and the team, if needed), conference/event tickets, and hotel stays, making sure that you get the best balance of price/quality, and that his trip happens without a hitch;

Research online, offline and word of mouth – whatever needed – until you are sure that you have reached the Earth core of a given subject (You can find Waldo/Wally within 20 seconds);

Shop online for stuff;

Taking over Virtual Office Manager tasks like contracts, company announcements, corporate accounts, etc.;

We're looking some someone who:

Has fantastic, delightful written and spoken English / Russian. People must smile when they read an email from you and enjoy talking to you; B1 and above Spanish is a plus;

Considers themselves to be a deal-seeker. It doesn't matter if you are booking a flight to Bali or buying paper for the office printer – you will browse all corners of the internet for the best value. You save the company money as if it was your own;

Is available to work during North-American work hours (5:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST); (That's approx now)

You can take constructive feedback and always look to be more efficient with everything you do;

Is balanced between tech / interpersonal skills;

Has at the very least the basic understanding of how the web works and not scared of words like domains, websites, servers, etc.;

You are not afraid to learn new things, tools, figuring out how to break them;

Why you'll love this job:

You get to work in a dynamic environment disrupting an entire industry

You'll see first-hand how a COO makes things happen, and you will be part of this process

Fully remote work. All you need is a laptop and a headset.


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