Virtual Assistant

Is your specialty making your boss look like the most organized, attentive person ever? Are you able to write emails so well, that it’s always a pleasure to find you in the inbox? Do you have a deft hand at calendar and booking management? Are you awesome at internet research and can find two needles in a stock of hay? And finally, are you a certified internet bargain-hunter?


We have a job for you! We are trying to revolutionize how the world sees and treats remote employees, and our Client  needs your help Obi-Wan Kenobi to free extra time and hands for his mind-blowing ideas and plans to liberate the remote world.

Here’s what you’ll be doing:

Managing the schedule of the company President;

Handling his e-mails; composing and replying in a delightful manner;

Setting up every detail of his meetings, making sure they happen flawlessly;

Booking his flights, conference/ event tickets, and hotel stays, making sure that you get the best balance of price/quality, and that his trip happens without a hitch;

Shop online for stuff


We’re looking some someone who:

Has fantastic, delightful written and spoken English. People must smile when they read an email from you and enjoy talking to you;

Is a deal-seeker. It doesn’t matter if you are booking a flight to Bali or buying paper for the office printer – you will browse all corners of the internet for the best value. You save company money as if it was your own;

Is available to work during North-American work hours ( 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST);

Why you'll love this job:

You get to work in a dynamic environment disrupting an entire industry

You'll see first-hand how a President goes about building and promoting a world-class business.

Fully remote work. All you need is a laptop.

Family friendly work environment for all the moms and pops and pet owners.


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