Technical Project Manager

“The old question 'is it in the database?' will be replaced by 'is it on the blockchain?'” (William Mougayar).

Are you convinced that blockchain technology is shaping our future? If yes, then the second question would be: would you like to be a part of a greenfield project that's leveraging blockchain to change the status quo? Read on, my friend!

Our client is looking to hire a Technical Project Manager who has the right balance of technical expertise and leadership skills to help them plow forward in this broad, new horizon. You'll be part of a globally distributed team managing projects, interfacing with clients, reviewing and selecting the right technologies, and much more.

What kind of profile are we looking for?

  • Experience as a Technical PM, or similar role, preferably with a background in fintech & blockchain.
  • Experience working with project & workstream management tools (think JIRA, Github, etc).
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A varied business-domain knowledge background
  • Prior Agile development coaching and execution
  • Experience with functional languages and Node.js, React, ReactNative
  • Involvement in blockchain-related projects
  • Capacity to manage software projects from start to finish

You'll be great for this position if you're:

  • A steadfast go-getter who can quickly grasp the details of complex projects and generate actionable plans
  • A master of organization and analysis, with a keen eye for optimizing productivity without sacrificing value
  • Not afraid of asking questions and getting as curious as possible
  • A dependable self-educator

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Managing a technical team, ensuring deadlines are met while focusing on product quality
  • Training your team in architecture and software design decisions
  • Develop structured roadmaps
  • Meet software quality constraints and key metrics
  • Collaborate with clients on projects, from initial concept design to launch

There's so much more to say about the charitable application of the technologies our clients are developing, but to learn more about the wholesome nature of the projects, you'll need to apply 🙂 Please use the form below, and remember – this position is 100% remote, and always will be.

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