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Systems/DevOps Engineer

“What does one boob say to the other boob?

If we don’t get support, people will think we’re nuts.” – ScaryMommy

This position is to work with a team in the adult entertainment industry. It requires the kind of trustworthy, mature, and skilled professional who will join our client’s team as a DevOps Engineer.

Our client is looking for someone who has experience with:

  • All things Linux server administration, ideally Debian. This includes maintaining physical hardware, installing the OS and core services, and monitoring and improving system performance and stability.
  • A shell scripting language, and capable of end-to-end delivery using web servers such as Nginx, Puma, and Unicorn.
  • Configuration management systems, ideally Puppet.
  • Common open-source virtualization platforms, ideally Openstack on KVM.
  • Deploying highly-available clusters of VMs set up with Nginx, Unicorn, and Ruby.
  • Diagnosing performance problems affecting a VM host and developing a plan to fix it.
  • Auditing the infrastructure for SPOF and addressing any issues.
  • Configuring nightly backups of all critical servers, services, and databases.
  • Debugging and fixing load balancer performance issues.
  • Managing third-party vendor software and hardware.

This position is fully remote and will always be. It is a stable environment with room for growth and an excellent chance for the kind of DevOps professional who doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

Are you excited about a career in the NSFW industry? Don’t hesitate to send over your resume!

And remember:

“Having sex in an elevator is wrong…

On so many levels.”  – ScaryMommy

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