System Maintenance Technician

What do you call a drive full of sorted data?
Information in formation…

But this position it the complete opposite of our joke – it's fantastic 😉 Our client is a top-notch MSP looking for a System Maintenance Technician. It is a junior position that will require you to coordinate and perform – you got it – system maintenance! On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You will be responsible for tracking progress and remediating any issues. They're running scheduled maintenance for workstations and servers as well.

Apart from this, there are daily and weekly checklists that will need to be cleared (in Autotask, specifically). Also, documenting all the backup configuration and keeping documentation up-to-date will be an essential part of your responsibilities.

Your will be:

  • Working with Kaseya, Sophos, and Datto
  • Creating tickets for failed updates and remediating
  • Ensuring that workstation maintenance is running on a weekly basis
  • Ensuring the servers are rebooted at least once a month, and that patches are installed
  • Updating network equipment (wireless, firewalls, switches) with the latest firmware, creating backups, and uploading these files to IT Glue
  • Clearing out the daily and weekly task checklist
  • Reviewing failed backups and remediating
  • Reviewing Maintenance queues and resolving tickets in daily queues
  • Checking that the documentation on backups, firewalls, switches, wireless equipment, and servers are up-to-date

We're looking forward to your application! Please use the form below to get in touch with us. No more lame jokes, we promise!

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