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Senior Backend Engineer

There's a funny little quip that says Go was created while waiting for C++ to compile.

We're on the hunt for talented Backend Engineers who can help take a startup to the next level, and if you were learning Golang while C++ was busy compiling, then all the better! Our client is a well-funded startup whose AI-based recruitment product aims to eliminate bias to ensure organizations hire the best for their teams, and the right candidates get the best chances of success. They have a firm and exciting 15-month runway ahead of them and are entering their Series A funding next year. Their team is highly collaborative, focused, and engaging. You'll be working closely with the VP of Engineering, who is also a skilled engineer working on the product.

What are the responsibilities for this position?

  • Make architectural decisions with scalability, reliability, and efficiency in mind. The architecture is already established, yet any new developments may necessitate further decisions
  • Create code for backend services, APIs, and server-side logic using the appropriate languages
  • Manage databases to ensure data integrity, and optimize queries for performance
  • Create and manage APIs that connect with frontend systems, mobile applications, and outside services
  • Put security measures in place to safeguard backend systems against possible threats and vulnerabilities
  • Enhance system performance by analyzing, refining or refactoring the backend code and database queries to remove bottlenecks
  • Maintain the quality of the code by conducting unit tests, integration tests, and code reviews
  • Collaborate with the DevOps for smooth deployments and to monitor the performance and health of the backend services
  • Resolve issues, bugs, and any incidents that may appear in the backend system
  • Deliver high-quality features by collaborating with front-end engineers, the product manager, and other team members
  • Prepare the backend for scalability
  • Create and execute data processing pipelines and batch jobs that can effectively manage large quantities of data

What is required?

  • Excellent communication skills and proactive mindset
  • Previous experience as a backend developer
  • Experience or knowledge of Golang
  • Experience with Postgres or MySQL
  • Experience with AWS, Redis, and Kafka
  • Expertise in collaborating with a distributed team

Bonus points for experience with:

  • Python or C++

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This is a full-time, fully-remote, fully-awesome opportunity 🙂

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