Sales Development Representative

We are looking for a data-driven SDR with good writing & research skills and who understands how to engage his prospects better than “Hi work for X company you will like our shit.” We want someone who will be relentless about learning about our business, niche, and offerings, and pass that knowledge along as they identify and educate potential prospects.

We’re a process-driven company, so we expect you to be professional, organized, and accountable. But we appreciate the craft of the trade and individual aesthetics, so we also expect you to have a personality and showcase it in your work. We are not a bland, faceless company so you should neither be bland nor expect us to put words in your mouth — though we will constantly be there to give you direction and help you learn about our product and industry.

This is a job for someone who enjoys building a wide network of contacts and nurturing them until they are ripe for passing along to an account executive for closing. You will be evaluated on the quality and quantity of relationships you develop and maintain.


We Are Looking For Someone Who Has:


  • 3+ years as SDR or previous experience as a business development representative
  • A deep compulsion to keep the CRM tidy and up to date
  • Fluent in written English. Your kick-ass writing skills must impress us from day one. A bad/bland cover letter will immediately take you out of the running.
  • A natural pathfinder and tracker, who is able to find any rare specimens of clientele, engage and capture them with your stellar conversation skills. Aka ability to research, identify, engage and connect with as many prospects as possible across various channels (email, social, discussion groups, etc.)
  • Advanced Experience with prospects identification and research tools. (Black belt in boolean search.)
  • The ability to work independently while remaining a team player
  • Persistency and the capacity to maintain a steady follow-up cadence

Your Responsibilities


  • Identify, research, engage, analyze & improve matching prospects across various channels (Linkedin, Emails, etc). Connect and learn about their business’s needs and understand if we are the right fit. If we are, make them understand it too.
  • Design and maintain various email & social media and discussion group outreach campaigns
  • Keep an eye on your email’s inbox deliverability (we have a bunch of great tools for this too)
  • Handling Email hygiene and verification
  • Generate, interpret and explain on-demand reports about key metrics. Help us understand what converts and why.


What’s In It For You:


  • Competitive compensation
  • If you need a tool and we can’t buy with the money we will build internally (Pssst! We already have proprietary stuff we bet you haven’t seen)
  • Career progression opportunities
  • A geek culture
  • Yeah it’s 100% remote work

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