Ruby on Rails Developer

We’re looking for a Senior Backend Ruby-on-Rails Developer. Not a good one – but an awesome one! We want people that can look at code like Neo from the Matrix: as a set of fun problems to be solved and processes to be optimized.

 You'll jump right in taking on tasks that involve designing systems from scratch and maintaining a portfolio of highly trafficked applications from a major player in the entertainment industry. Do note that they have spicy spicy content – nothing hardcore, they just like boobies – and you’ll need to look at it occasionally (For UX testing purposes only, not to give feedback on the boobies! Duh.).

 If you're interested in creating and growing exciting new products in the entertainment and pop culture space, we'd love to hear from you!

 Here are traits that we value: 

  • Self-Starter: You take initiative, meet deadlines, and creatively solve problems.
  • Student: You learn constantly through reading, meet-ups, etc., and apply best practices whenever possible.
  • Teacher: You not only command programming fundamentals and concepts, but can also explain design patterns in developing OOP.
  • Craftsman: You strive to create code that is tested, maintainable, readable, and re-usable.
  • Versatile: You have relevant experience in a wide range of technologies. What you will work on Internal stats and analytics systems Integrating with third party applications, billing and user authentication systems, email marketing platform, data design for new sites maintaining, and improving current application architecture, occasional frontend related work as needed.

 You should also be familiar with the following tools:

 Our current stack:

  • Ruby 1.9‐2
  • Rails 3.2‐4
  • RSpec
  • MySQL (MariaDB)
  • Capistrano
  • ElasticSearch
  • Git
  • Unicorn
  • Puma
  • Nginx
  • jQuery
  • Backbone
  • Underscore
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • CoffeeScript
  • SASS Applications: Slack, GitLab, New Relic, CodeClimate, Sentry, and GitLab CI to communicate proactively and in an efficient way.

We practice Agile / Scrum product development. We use JIRA, host daily stand ups, and work in 2‐week sprints. We are a Mac office with big monitors on a sit/stand desk.

 Must Haves:

  • Highly skilled in Ruby and Ruby on Rails (3 years of experience is ok, 5+ is great!)
  • Data modeling and database design
  • Building and integrating with APIs
  • Ecommerce and billing processor integrations
  • Application architecture
  • Rspec testing

 Bonus points:

  • JavaScript
  • React and some Preact
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Ecommerce and billing processor integrations
  • Experience contributing to a high performing
  • Agile Team Email marketing
  • HTML, CSS, and knowledge of Responsive Design (aka while you’ll mostly be on the backend, you may need to visit the frontend from time to time)

 Important Details:

  • You’re looking for long-term stable employment (this is not a freelance job).
  • You’re available with at least a 6-hour overlap of US Central time.
  • You have a quiet place to work.
  • You’re comfortable working with adult content.

One VERY IMPORTANT THING: since this is a remote position, and communication is super important for us and our clients, you NEED to have access to good internet, all the time. If your router is powered by hamsters, sorry, that doesn’t work for us.

 Here Is What’s In It For You:

  • You get to work from home. Goodbye, pants!*
  • Flexible hours. We care about you doing good work, not about how long you take. Spend more time with your family, friends, or LoL team.
  • Earn a highly competitive rate per hour.
  • No annoying time-tracking spy-software. We hate that stuff as much as you do. We trust you! Our clients trust you!
  • We’re pretty fun people.

 *Please wear some pants during video conferencing.

 Ready to apply? Please include:

  • A little about yourself
  • What you're interested in
  • What you've been doing with regard to code
  • A link to your GitHub account (and/or relevant code samples and contributions)
  • A resume and personal website if you have one


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