Release Automation Software Engineer

Are you looking to work for a team that is 100% committed to open-source technology? There are few opportunities out there like this one. Every contribution made as a part of this team helps make the open-source ecosystem stronger.

In the words of Megan Smith: “I think open source is an evolutionary idea for humanity, this idea of transparency. It played out for us in the technology world, but it also played out with the idea of a truth and reconciliation commission and Wikipedia.” 

The future lies ahead, a future full of opportunities to collaborate with some of the most proficient developers in the industry, communicating daily to resolve critical issues. We’re looking for a release automation engineer who can bring a fresh perspective, capable of combining proficiency with DevOps as well as software development skills.

We expect that this role will involve:

  • Building automated, highly reliable image delivery, testing and publication pipelines
  • Collaborating remotely with a diverse set of team members and remain highly motivated, productive, and organized
  • Participating in a reliable engineering process through code and architectural review
  • Adapting to a wide range of situations and software
  • Designing, building and integrating new features and enhancements
  • Engaging in bug-fixing work across a wide variety of components, helping to ensure that we produce regular high-quality releases and updates on time
  • Taking personal ownership of problems and drive them to solutions
  • Actively engaging with the open-source community and commercial partners

To be successful in this process, you will require:

  • Python and Bash programming experience
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Practical experience with Azure, Google or AWS IAAS and their product offerings (cloud)

You’ll also get cookie points for:

  • Experience with containers
  • Experience with DevOps automation, tools, and methodologies
  • Participation in open-source projects
  • Experience in developing against APIs and using SDKs
  • Experience in Linux system administration
  • Experience writing or maintaining Python packages used publicly or inside your company.
  • Experience configuring Jenkins jobs and config as code
  • Experience interacting with one of the major cloud platforms via their SDKs for automation
  • Experience designing, writing and maintaining cloud-based applications leveraging its service offering (e.g. EC2+S3+dynamoDB)

This position is entirely remote. Working in an EST time zone, it offers the opportunity to travel at least once a year, the support of one of the best teams in the world and the chance to grow your professional career in the open-source industry. Plus, the company offers learning and development opportunities, recognition rewards and an annual compensation review. 

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