PHP Developer

“PHP is about as exciting as your toothbrush. You use it every day, it does the job, it is a simple tool, so what? Who would want to read about toothbrushes?” Well, that's what PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf thinks, but we hope that you're excited about toothbrushes!

We are looking for a PHP Software Developer to assist our client in building their suite of SaaS products. You'll be working alongside other developers and PMs to build new features, as well as reviewing the software to fix errors and improve performance throughout the development lifecycle. Your tasks will also include creating tests and functional validation, and following up with their internal team on technical issues surrounding software system design and maintenance.

This organization has a highly collaborative work environment, so they're looking for a true team player with awesome communication skills. If you love paying attention to details and consider yourself a strong problem-solver, you'll be perfect for the position! New ideas and innovative solutions are always welcome, and you'll quickly see your contributions make an impact on their product suite.

These skills will take you to the top of the list:

  • 3-5 years of development experience with:
    • CakePHP Framework / Other PHP frameworks
    • Mysql Database
    • Jquery / Bootstrap
    • DevExtreme Component Suite
    • HighCharts or similar technologies
  • Experience structuring and exchanging bank files
  • Knowledge of Atlassian's CI/CD products is a plus
  • Strong and effective communication skills
  • Experience with SaaS products is a huge plus
  • Ability to work in an unstructured and rapidly-changing environment
  • Le française is a nice bonus (not a requirement!)

You will be responsible for:

  • Producing detailed specifications
  • Designing creative prototypes following specifications
  • Writing high-quality code for complete apps within deadlines
  • Producing well-designed, testable code by applying best practices
  • Troubleshooting and debugging apps
  • Testing the product in real situations before launching
  • Maintaining the systems
  • Integrating data from several back-end services and databases
  • Evaluating existing apps to revamp, update, and add new features
  • Gathering and refining specifications and requirements according to technical needs

Has this caught your attention? Fantastic! Please use the form below to apply and learn more about this position. By the way – it's a full-time, remote opportunity, and always will be.


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