Linux Admin and Sr PHP Developer

In life, you can have it all when you focus on what you want, and our client wants to hire someone who is the expert backend developer of their dreams. For them, this means someone proficient in PHP enough to do framework level programming, as well as Linux administration. 

This role is for one of our favorite clients, and they hold that position of esteem because of how happy the people we place to work with them are. They usually stay long-term, enjoying stability, growth, and collaboration with coworkers who are excellent at what they do.

Their educational platform is helping different kinds of professionals obtain and maintain their certifications. They have been growing steadily and look to become even bigger this year. 

Sounds like the right job for you? To be successful in this process, you will need experience with:

  • Working with and directly administering LAMP stacks
  • Administering MySQL / Maria databases
  • CI/CD pipelines, preferably BitBucket pipelines
  • WordPress
  • Git
  • DigitalOcean droplets
  • Atlassian products for productivity and version control
  • Backend development in at least one PHP framework (not WordPress), such as Laravel, Zend, Drupal, etc.

Our client will be particularly interested if you have also:

  • Contributed to OpenSource libraries
  • Worked with a WordPress plugin environment.

This role is 100% remote and always will be!

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