Mid-level Javascript Developer

Q: Why was nobody given food at the developer conference?

A: It was a serverless function!

No laughs? Alright, one more: a front end developer eats alone because they don’t know how to join tables.

But really, if you enjoy pairing code and good food, this could be the perfect job for you. Our client, a cutting-edge, foodie-inspired startup, is looking for a Javascript Developer to take their ideas to the next level and help build their team to match their growing demand. If you think you’d enjoy contributing to a web app that combines machine-learning, science-based quantification, and automation to give their users the pleasure of discovering (and tinkering with) new recipes and meals, we hope to hear from you!

Here’s what you’ll need to have to succeed:

  • At least 3 years of experience with React and Node.js
  • Knowledge of how to work with and manipulate large databases
  • Experience deploying to a cloud service
  • Knowledge of algorithmic and software & database optimization
  • Be up to speed with the latest best practices in programming, teamwork, and design

Here’s what the position is all about:

  • You’ll be doing back end and/or front end work – there are openings for all preferences
  • You’ll be coding alongside one of the cofounders, a very enthusiastic developer!
  • Communication will mostly be based on issue tracking, IM and voice calls
  • Weekly productivity will be valued above strict working hours
  • You’ll be collaborating on producing a solid database and UI design, as well as developing, testing, deploying and maintaining the implementation
  • You will be encouraged to openly propose changes, ideas and suggestions for the overall improvement of the product and the team

This is a remote opportunity, and it always will be! If you have an appetite for a long-term position where you can have a hand in this company’s recipe for success, now’s the thyme to apply, we’re eggcited to hear from you!

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