Layer 1 Core Blockchain Engineer

“The old question 'is it in the database?' will be replaced by 'is it on the blockchain?'” – William Mougayar

Blockchain is influencing big changes by giving power back to the users in many different ways. Our client, a company set out to decentralize wireless infrastructures and make a meaningful impact, is looking for a Blockchain Developer to join their team, and help this young company grow. They promise you'll never have a dull day!

You'll be contributing to 3 key areas: Core Consensus Libraries, Core Cryptography, and Core P2P Networking. All the duties associated with these areas will help implement the blockchain that is used for enabling distributed Wi-Fi offload and webservices technology.

These will be your duties and required skills:

  • Research and development of math used in block chain, and math used to support cryptography and P2P networking
  • Incredibly strong knowledge of network systems (bonus for P2P)
  • Understand the design of cryptosystems and the pros/cons for using certain algorithms
  • Excellent understanding of cryptography, bgp routing, nat, and firewalls
  • Build core libaries for distributed consensus, for cryptosystems (like OpenSSL) and to abstract their P2P networking solution
  • Write virtualized testing for large-scale testing of their consensus protocols + cryptography + networks
  • Support Sr, Ssr and Jr Engineers
  • Scope and form requirements for the technical architecture of the project, and create a development plan for implementation
  • Craft rewards systems for providing consensus, cryptography infrastructure, and p2p network infrastructure

Apart from this, you'll need solid experience with C/C++, Golang, or Rust (and if you have all 3, then bingo!).

If consensus, cryptography and/or P2P networking is your cup of coffee, don't hesitate to apply to learn more about this offer! And remember – this is a remote opportunity, pants are optional.

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