Junior Account Manager

Job Description
This is a junior opportunity in the IT Recruitment industry! We’re looking for a young Padawan who’s interested in assisting the Account Executive in their duties and joining the Force (or patrolling the Galaxy on the board of an Enterprise and learning how to speak perfect Klingon if Star Wars is not your thing). You’ll be helping with interviews, keeping comms open with candidates during their interview process, helping keep our scrolls (sorry, records) up to date and performing other assistance tasks, all while being your usual geeky self.
DistantJob is a remote recruitment agency that specializes in placing candidates from across the globe in IT and Marketing with North American and European companies. We take a lot of pride in both our recruiting and interviewing process, and we believe our unique method of headhunting, filtering and selecting amazing talents is both art and science.

We make sure our clients have an incredible, world-class experience, and your tasks will be crucial to this. The candidates we provide need to live up to our stellar reputation. High attention to details (like counting how many times the dragonfly swings its wings per minute) and empathy are key to success for this role, so your willingness to learn about the recruitment and the tech industry is important.

Core responsibilities:
  • Assist the Account Executives on day-to-day operations, from coordinating interviews to planning on taking over the world
  • Understand and educate yourself on the IT industry’s technical requirements (know the difference between a Javascript developer and a Java developer, etc.)
  • Reach out to candidates during the interviewing process & onboarding, and follow-up constantly, through several media: phone, social, e-mail, etc.
  • Keep our HR & admin systems updated
  • Write reports & notes after calls
  • Take the initiative to find areas of improvement in the process, and make them happen!
You must:
  • Have problem-solving experience and be a diplomat
  • Be tech-savvy
  • Have fluent English (it’s LeviOsa, not LeviosA! Or you will be Avadakedavra’d on the spot!)
  • Be sociable and outgoing, with strong communication skills
  • Be a fast learner and goal-oriented. Keep track of everything you do and report on it.
  • Ooze charisma. If you have siblings, you must be your parents’ favorite!
  • Have a life and be a geek – be a walking encyclopedia that can have fun and build empathy with anyone.
Nice to Have:
  • Customer service experience
  • Have knowledge of/exposure to the IT industry and/or recruitment industry.
  • Understand and embrace North American culture. 
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