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💡Last year, 76% of engineering and construction execs said they were planning to invest in digital technology (according to a study by Deloitte). What's more – according to a report from James Long LaSalle Inc, back in 2018, venture capital firms invested a little over $1 billion in contech startups during the first half of the year.

This client knows that technology is the future of construction, and they have a suite of hardware and software tools that is helping companies keep tabs on the progress of their construction sites. Despite being a startup, they're no neophytes – this product was developed for internal use back in 2011, but it's become so crucial that it's now being marketed under a new company name. Now that they've successfully deployed this product and tested it for 2 years, they're ready to expand and dominate the market.

So, what kind of profile are they looking for?

  • 3+ yrs of web development experience in Vue.js or React, ECMAScript 5/6, HTML, JavaScript, CSS.
  • Experience using Git or other version control system
  • Strong understanding of Linux/UNIX
  • A quick learner who can understand the requirements and resolve any possible issues
  • A good understanding of how the front end components interact with the back end
  • An independent, proactive and self-driven team member

What would your responsibilities be?

  • Contribute to the design and implementation of a remote monitoring system for construction sites.
  • Conduct efforts for the respective project's engineering, testing, and integration tasks.
  • Prepare new product features to deploy, agree on the terms, and deliver in a timely manner.

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